Back to school


The school buildings were all determined to be structurally sound, so the kids were able to begin the year.

Naturally all the kids could talk about with one another was where they were & what they were doing during the earthquake.

My boys were more excited & fascinated than scared by the earthquake, but some of their classmates were quite frightened by it.

Havoc says he had a good day. In grade 3 they change classrooms for different things, they have a homeroom teacher, a reading/social studies teacher & a math teacher. All three of them are the same person for Havoc. He and two other boys in his class never leave the classroom. Not sure if this is good or bad. Only time will tell I suppose. The school has a therapy dog. I don’t fully understand what the therapy dog does, something to do with reading. I think reading to to dog reduces performance anxiety or something. Anyway, the dog belongs to Havoc’s teacher so there is a dog in the classroom with them all day.  Havoc is excited by this.

He is also excited to be in a classroom with a window.

This is the first time ever that he has had a classroom with a window in it. His pre-k, k, 1st & 2nd grade classrooms were all windowless, which is mostly a luck of the draw. Mayhem has always had classrooms with windows. So I am glad Havoc finally gets to experience natural light for a change.

Mayhem also says he had a good day, though an attack of shyness kept him from getting in front of his class to talk about his ‘share’ item. The kid is a strange mix of mouthyness & shyness. It also kept him from playing with anyone at recess but he generally takes a couple weeks to warm up to the group interaction experience after a summer spent mostly just with his brother & maybe 2 close friends.

Both boys are in classes with more boys than girls. Those poor teachers.

Both camme home with homework.

Only it was for me.

I was given a bunch of forms to fill out Monday at the Open House & now here is more! How many times do you need my address? It’s the same as it was on the 40 gajillion forms you had me fill out last year! And the year before! And the year before! And they are the same forms! Undated! I think they need a little “Nothing has changed” box to check at the top if nothing has in fact changed. If you have moved, sure fill out the form again, but otherwise why bother?

This is the 21st century, shouldn’t this all be electronic?

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5 comments to Back to school

  • Glad first day back went well…how cool to have a dog in your classroom!
    Alison xx

  • SFD

    Windowless school classrooms? I’ve never heard of that before. Nor dogs for reading, but that makes more sense than the window thing.

    • Stacey

      In order to squeeze as many classrooms as possible into as small a building as possible they made really wide wings with classrooms on each side with windows and a row of classrooms with no windows up the middle of the wing. There are 3 wings, one for each grade K-2. Havoc just was unfortunate in his class placement all 3 years running. His pre-k was in an interior church basement room.

  • Rinda

    Love this picture and reading about the boys’ impressions from school. We finally get a printed form at registration, where we just need to correct/make any changes. I had to sign a bunch of “classroom expectation” and “supply list” forms, though.

    • Stacey

      I’m hoping we get to that point but they only made the move to electronic keypads in the cafeteria last year. Before that mrs cafeteria lady had to look you up in the file & hand write your total on your debit sheet. And we still can’t refill a child’s cafeteria account with a credit card online. We have to send in cash or a check