A plethora of pears

I’m not sure how it happened but we have 5 pear trees.

One came with the house & the other 4…well, probably DH had something to do with them. He buys random trees at the end of the season on sale at Wal Mart. $20 trees that are now $3 and half dead & then he plants them all over the place & if they die, oh well & if they live, well, ok then. Apparently pear trees are a hardy bunch.

This was the original tree


This one was a Wal Mart purchase planted last year & we did not expect fruit from it for a few years yet.

Actually we didn’t expect to live at all let alone produce fruit.


This one came from a tree catalog along with 5 other different fruit trees & was planted 4 years ago. It is just fruiting this year


This one was planted around the same time, give or take but is a Wal Mart tree. It’s not producing as much fruit (thank god) but it is producing.


Then there is this one that neither one of us can account for. The weight of the pears is too much for it’s spinky branches.


These are not the nicely shaped supermarket pears.

These pears are more …rustic. They are pears of character & distinction.


And there are a lot of them.

Now, I like a nice crisp juice pear now and again but currently I have enough pears to eat them daily for two months straight.

And those are just the ripe ones.

Help! I need suggestions on what to do with my plethora of pears.

Freezing, stewing, canning. Chutney, syrup, sauce..anything long term would be welcome.

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10 comments to A plethora of pears

  • Two pairs and a spare!

  • Hope someone comes up with some recipes for you…fancy them all turning out to be pear trees…my fave is the little ‘spinky’ one!
    Alison xx

  • SFD

    Not for this season, but for next…

    When the tree starts to bud, place a branch inside an old wine or other glass bottle and affix it to the branch with string. The pear will grow inside the bottle. At the end of the season (or when pear appears ripe), cut branch and fill bottle with vodka or grappa or some other liquid. Very cool gift or conversation piece.

    Or, you know, you could just make jarred pears for the winter.

    • Stacey

      Jarred pears is what most of them will probably become. I like the idea of the bottles though. We will have to try that with the biggest tree next year.

  • Waiting for recipes, too! We have tons of pears as well. Our trees seem to bear heavily every other year; don’t know if that’s typical or not.
    We have six fruit trees: a meyer lemon, a plum, two apples and two pears.

    • Stacey

      We have a couple plum trees but they are not producing fruit yet. We have a couple really ancient apple trees, one of them really needs to be removed, and an old peach tree that still puts out 10-12 peaches every year, though the local wildlife gets them before we do.

  • Mel

    I am SO far behind, ack! Hello, stranger :)

    OK, first up, so sorry to hear about the house tribulations xx

    Pears? I totally love the spindly little guy! I’d say pear chutney would go really well with that yummy cheese bread you made the other day. A slice or two of that, some cold meat and a dollop of chutney? Mmmmm!

    But I’ve never made pear chutney, so I’m kinda lacking in recipes, sorry….

    I *love* SFD’s suggestion above!

    • Stacey

      Hey! Hope you are enjoying your California stay! Chutney was the first thing that came to mind but there are so many recipes out there on the web for it I’m not sure how to choose. You never can tell what’s good.

  • First off, canning in simple syrup – check the Ball Blue Book (library may have a copy).
    Same recipe, but add a stick of cinnamon while making the simple syrup.
    Also pear jam and pear chutney; again, try the Blue Book or Joy of Cooking for recipes.
    And of course, good old munching out of hand!

  • Oh my gosh, that last little tree bent over with pears- I really love it. You could send some to me. I’d totally eat them.