Wordy Wednesday

july fourth-1

Look what unexpectedly made it to the top of the House Project List!

Turns out we not only had plywood, we had something to cut out the hole!

And paint!

Who knew!

Mostly though these were made because my husband is a 14 year old boy in a 45 year old man’s body & could not resist the lure of a game called CORNHOLE.

And the need to ask everyone at the party to come & play cornhole.

heh heh heh

He said cornhole.

The idea was a US flag & a Union Jack but there wasn’t enough blue paint so DH let the boys go to town on the other one with the random cans of spray paint we have been collecting for years. There wasn’t enough white for stars either. 

Martha will address these shortcomings next year. It’s on her checklist.

I bought the beanbag thingys at Wal Mart & OMG… they were supposedly filled with ‘gravel’ but … I am more than passing familiar with many types of gravel but have never encountered the nearly weightless silica based type.

Might as well be tossing a bag with feathers in it.

So, in light of that remark we emptied out the silica and refilled each bag with a half a cup of lead birdshot #6, making each bag weigh in at a much better hefting & tossing weight of 1.5 pounds.

More dangerous too especially in young or drunk hands but I’ve been hunting for something to replace lawn darts for years & these just raise huge bruises rather than making deep puncture wounds.

So that’s ok.

Next year we’ll get a slip & slide for the hill.

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10 comments to Wordy Wednesday

  • Darcy@SomewhatMuddledMusings

    Ow..slip/n/slides not good for old bodies who can't throw themselves down well anymore…especially if you don't make sure to get every.single.rock out from under the slide lol I still have a bit of a bump where that bruise was.

  • Lizziemade

    Looks like a great game, but I think I might use sawdust or lentils, instead of lead shot!!!

    Love your boards – amazing what men can make, when they feel motivated (and you're not the only one with a 45-year-old teenager! I know soooo many lol).

  • LosingBrownies

    Neat!! I'm a big fan of using sand. I made my own beanbags for the classroom and just scooped sand from the playground.

  • SFD

    Maybe I'm just too Canadian, but what's the problem with, you know, beans in the beanbag?

  • Comfy Mom

    I tried beans, god knows I have enough lentils to feed a city, but the beans were judged not heavy enough. I was going to use actual pea gravel since we have lots of it but bird shot was mentioned & well… that was that

  • Comfy Mom

    Sand was considered but rejected due to dampness

  • Comfy Mom

    We tried lentils but they were judged not heavy enough.

  • Rinda1961

    Woohoo! Go Martha!

  • JulieJ

    Don't all men have an inner 15 year old bursting to get out?

  • LosingBrownies

    Yeah, damp sand would be no fun!