Brief recap of the weekend

We went to my hometown over the weekend.

Thursday I stuffed myself with diCarlos’s pizza. Enough so that I didn’t really want anymore the rest of the weekend, which is unusual for me. But, and it pains me to admit it, it wasn’t as good as it usually is. And it wasn’t really last year either.

The son took over the business last year or sometime after my visit the year before that. And something changed. I don’t know what that something is. I didn’t even know about the change of ownership until Saturday so it isn’t a perception issue. The crust seems the same, the sauce seems the same, the cheese seems the same but the whole together does not.


Friday it rained a lot. So first we went to Cabela’s and looked at camping stuff and rugged outdoor wear and fishing poles and guns and fudge and ‘hunting’ themed house décor.  The had some sales going on so we bought some stuff for grilling that we’ve been needing and the boys got to play the shooting range game


Then we went to the house my parents are staying at and hung out for a few hours.

OMG! this house! It’s huge! and It’s a log cabin! And it was raining so I have no exterior shots of the house but I have to show you this interior one I took


That’s a flat screen tv up there on the left and there are 6, yes SIX shower heads in that shower, plus apparently it has a light show & requires a complicated remote control to turn the water on.

Saturday it was sunny so we went swimming at my brother’s house with his girls.

He spent a lot of time launching the kids in the air.



I remember my uncle doing something similar when I was kid.

Sunday we headed home & no trip home is complete without a stop at Dinosaurland


When we got home we discovered these


The hens have finally started laying!

I also played a lot of Words with Friends. I played DH, my brother, my friends Michele & Julie and also the One SFD who trounced me with his doubling up on words, something I just can’t get my brain to do.

If anyone wants to play words with friends drop me an email with your user name & we’ll play a game or 3. I use a different addy than the blog one to play Words.

How was everyone’s weekend?

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3 comments to Brief recap of the weekend

  • Debs14

    I'm a words with friends fan too!  And I have also discovered 'hanging with friends' – a type of hangman.  Too addictive ….. ;-)
    And those interiors are not like I would expect a log cabin to be!

  • alison290

    A very posh log cabin I'm thinking! The pool looks like fun…my brother does things like that too!
    Alison xx

  • SFD

    Trounced?  I wouldn't call that trounced.