Words on Wednesday


This is from May 2004.

Havoc and his swimming puddle.

He’d been wanting to play in water outside & I had been having him splashing in large plastic bins of water. But they are not built to withstand that sort of pressure, or they were actually needed to hold other stuff so as a solution it wasn’t working.

DH came home from work one day and said “Look I found one of those blow up ring pools really cheap”

It had no size on the bag but Havoc was only 19 months old so I figured it would be fine.

We both thought probably it would be a foot deep.

Yeah, no. It was about 2 feet across

It was about 3 inches deep & that only because I dug out a bowl shaped area in the gravel for it to sit in.

Havoc had a lot of fun with it though, using the hose to fill it up, adding bubble stuff, splashing around, scooping bubble water on his baby brother (then 4 months old) & then refilling the puddle.

The following year we bought a 6 foot wide one, then in 2007 we got a 12 foot one & in 2009 we got a 16 foot one.

But my favorite is the puddle.

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3 comments to Words on Wednesday

  • Rinda1961

    What a great memory. It is amazing how much fun kids can have with even the tiniest bit of water.
    Rinda (whose daughter goes to play in the ocean every day!)

  • SFD

    My wife bought one of those and tried to argue that our 20 month old and our five year old could SHARE it.

  • alison290

    I love that you dug some gravel out to make it deeper!
    Alison xx