Unexpected date night.

Last Sunday DH offered to watch some friends of ours kids while the wife practiced her motorcycle skills with her husband. She’d bought DH old bike a few weeks ago & completed a motorcycle class just before that but hasn’t quite worked herself up to riding on the road yet.

He took all 4 kids to lunch & the park, then she offered to take all 4 of them to the pool. What with one thing & another it was 5:30pm before they left for the pool & she said they’d stay until it closed at 8pm. That left DH and I with nearly 3 hours on alone time.

Know what we did?

No, sorry to disappoint. We had other things in mind.

Namely jettisoning the nutritious meal we’d had planned for the whole family in favor of total junk for ourselves. Possibly, having stuffed ourselves with chips & Oreos we might have gotten to other things but instead we ended up on a 4 store quest for kettle corn that ended up in Wal Mart and naturally took nearly the whole 3 hours.

Kettle corn is popcorn tossed with butter & sugar & is delicious.

I’d suggested we run out to the ‘corner store’ for chips, though I had kettle corn in mind. DH is all about chips so was totally in favor of this idea.  Corner store had no kettle corn or other suitable chip, crisp or other snack. DH could find nothing he wanted either so we got back in the car & drove into town to the grocery store on the south end.

No kettle corn there either, but they did have cider & I suppose I could have pretzels & ranch. I knew there was kettle corn at Wal Mart because I have bought it there but Wal Mart is at the other end of town & is a time sucking vortex. DH suggested we try the next grocery store, where there was no kettle corn & no cider. 

I was all “Pretzels are fine.” and he was all “No, lets try the next grocery store. you should have kettle corn if that is what you want.”

He just wanted Ruffles & you can buy Ruffles anywhere, except the corner store that specific day.

The next store also had no kettle corn & we were now within sight of Wal Mart so we agreed to go there but to go straight to the snack aisle & not be distracted by the electronics department,  the shoe department, the automotive department or the outdoor store. It was now after 7pm & we would be hard pressed to get home & scarf our chips before the boys were dropped off.

We found the bag of kettle corn, the Ruffles, some soda & then had an attack of conscious & decided to look in the deli for a premade pepperoni or meatball sandwich to go with our chips & provide a more balanced meal. What we found was  microwave meat & cheese nachos. Made with ground turkey, so it was ridiculously healthy & we felt all virtuous buying it.

It was delicious. At least the 4 bites I had of it because that was all I managed before the boys came barreling in the door smelling nachos & claiming they were starving.

They ate all the nachos.

We’ll do better next time. We’ll know to go right to Wal Mart from the start.

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5 comments to Unexpected date night.

  • Cheri Andrews

    Ahhh…. live and learn.

  • Beverly Edwards

    Sweet that dh wanted you to have what you really craved :)  I am sure next time you will be better prepared for a surprise gift of several childless hours.

  • LosingBrownies

    It never fails that I will be looking for something and no one else has it but Walmart. There is a guy who sells fresh Kettle Corn right outside our Walmart. It smells so good!

  • humel

    Sounds like a near-perfect date ;)

    I've been catching up after my computer problems and now I can't remember all the things I was going to say! Um…. Bear? Scary. My Dad used to live in Alaska. He sent me some great photos of bears playing on his neighbour's kids' slide and climbing frame, and of a bear climbing along a washing line to reach the bird feeder. His step-grandson once couldn't go to school because there was a bear on the porch. That all sounds pretty cool from the safe distance of living in the UK.

    Oh, and we don't break up from school till nearly the end of July!

  • Rinda1961

    Hilarious! Walmart is a weird and wild place.