To dye for

Havoc again wanted to do something dramatic with his hair for summer. I talked him out of shaving his head except for a spiked mohawk.

It grows out uneven.

That’s my whole problem with it really, the uneven growing & subsequent haircuts that look weird for months.

So instead he went with wild semi permanent color instead.

The beauty of wild hair color is, if you get sick of it, BUUUZZZ and it’s gone.

This is why Mayhem was against the idea of all over wild hair color.

Mayhem LOVES his curls & refuses to get them cut. (Which is actually working out well for the tangle issue now that I have prevailed on my husband to let it grow long enough the tight curls are longer & more relaxed. DH’s issues with the long hair are solely related to the tangles & the endless whining that accompany brushing Mayhem’s hair. DH had a 17 inch long braid when he cut his long hair off in 2006)

So Mayhem went with having his favorite curl dyed blue temporarily. He twirls his favorite curl, which is just over his left eye, when he is thinking. He did it as an infant while nursing.




his hand is hiding the hair clips holding back his hair.








In real life Havoc’s hair is a sort of electric fuchsia. The box was fire engine red but this is certainly more pinkish. He’s fine with it for now but I said if want something darker we can get a different, darker red in a few days to go over it. The dye was a combo bleach & color & said he should sit under a drier for 30 minutes but since this is a house & not a salon I ran the hair dryer over his head for a few minutes every so often instead. Possibly that accounts for the pinkness. Or the box just lied which I totally believe, being more than passing familiar with that phenomena myself. 

He insisted on the spike mohawk.

You can barely see Mayhem’s blue. His hair is too dark to take vibrant color without bleaching & I knew he’d never have the patience for both bleach & dye, not to mention he’d be left with a weird pale streak in his hair when the dye faded.

So that’s the summer hair here, at least until it stops raining enough for everyone to go swimming again.

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6 comments to To dye for

  • SFD

    I love the fauxhawk.

  • Beverly Edwards

    WOW that is definitely electric but it certainly makes those blue eyes pop :)  Love how Mayhem covered the hair clips lol

  • Rinda1961

    They both look so thrilled with their new looks! What a nice mom you are!

  • alison290

    What a supercool  mum you are!
    Alison xx

  • humel

    I rather like that :) I can't imagine The Boy going for wild colours, though he is letting his hair grow (at least till he starts secondary school in September, at which point we might need to trim it 'cos they have a definite policy on hair length. The Tomboy? Now, I can see her going all shades of the rainbow in the future! Hope it looks as good as Havoc's when she does :)

  • Jean

    Those are fun hair styles!  You're such a cool mom!