Teaser Tuesday

Because I am in heavy book reading mode this month I thought I’d participate in the Teaser Tuesday meme over at MizB’s Should Be Reading.

It’s a simple premise, open the book you are reading at random & share two teaser sentences, no spoilers.

I’m currently re-reading yet another Regency romance, this one by modern author Stephanie Laurens (because I felt like exploring the fine line between masterful man & manipulative bastard. Seriously, at the end of this month I’ll have enough material for a master’s thesis on What Makes a Romantic Hero Romantic – Changing Perceptions Through Time. Now if I can only find the right English Lit program)

This one is the 3rd in her 8 volume Bastion Club series, called A Lady of His Own.

My random sentences:

“She did her best to provide the right foil for Charles’ machinations; it didn’t truly matter which of them Nicholas decided to trust. If he ever did; despite Charles’ best efforts, Nicholas remained tight lipped.” pg 248

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5 comments to Teaser Tuesday

  • Laurel-Rain Snow

    This has piqued my interest….thanks for sharing.



  • Rinda1961

    Neat idea. I'm working on a book post now; maybe I'll incorporate this ides.

  • Jennifer Donovan

    Thanks for linking up to What's on Your Nightstand too!


  • elizabeth from 5MFB

    I bet you could totally get an Eng Lit program to accept that as a thesis project! Sounds interesting. I am not a big fan of Regency romance, but I might read that thesis!

    elizabeth from Five Minutes for Books

  • Carole

    That would make one very umm interesting thesis ;)