Words on Wednesday


My latest manicure. Inspired by Pinterest. I have a board of different manicure photos.

You Tube has a bunch of videos on how to do water manicures or water swirled manicures. I’d explain but seeing it written down is a detriment. It sounds so much more complicated than it is.

Basically polish colors are dropped in water, swirled around & then you dip a nail in them.  There is more to it that that but with a bit of practice it really is fairly easy.

Remember, I am basically lazy. I’m not going to make too much of an effort for anything. So if I can do it, you can do it.

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10 comments to Words on Wednesday

  • Andrea @ The Creative Junkie

    omgosh, those are beautiful! I will never be able to sport such pretty nails as I have bitten mine since I was four. I pretty much don't show my fingers to anyone and everyone around here probably thinks my hands were amputated at the wrist.

  • Rinda1961

     So awesome!!!  My daughter will love this idea.  The funny thing is that I've made ATC backgrounds with that technique but never thought about using it for nails! LOL!

  • Jayne

    Ur nails are beautiful…..and I am going to remember your closing line and have a go when I get home :)

  • Alison

     Cool nails!
    Alison xx

  • Jemma Sharrock

    Gorgeous nails – must show these to DD

  • Beverly Edwards

     Wow, they are gorgeous, I am going with being highly impressed and that it is way difficult :)

  • LosingBrownies

    Do you dip your whole finger in there or do you use false nails?  

  • Comfy Mom

     thank you! I hope it worked for you.

  • Comfy Mom

     I dip my whole finger. I put 3 pieces of scotch tape on my skin around my nail & then set up the swirl & dip. You could do it with false nails too but I don't use them.

  • Pha00gec

     Fab nails!  I can do polka dots or stripes on mine but thats about it!