Monday Meanderings

The chickens are still with us.

Yep. A whole WEEK and they are still alive.

The boys have gotten up every morning, let them out of the coop & fed them. Well, Havoc has. Mayhem sometimes helps, sometimes not. Havoc has become possessive of the chickens. DH mentioned, while they were loose in the larger fenced area, that they might be able to flap up on to the smaller area & then onto the coop and then get loose. Ever since then Havoc herds them back into the smaller area when DH isn’t around because he doesn’t want them to get loose where the dog could get them.

Odds of those chickens reaching the top of the smaller run are very slim but there is no telling Havoc that.

He was also “shush”ing his friends when they came over to see the chickens & warning them how to behave so they wouldn’t alarm the chickens any.

In non chicken news I’ve decided the ‘workout at 10pm’ thing just isn’t…um…working out. First off I cannot be relied on to make myself all exhausted & sweaty by coming up with leg lifts & jumping jacks.Secondly I hate taking a shower before bed & hate going to bed sweaty. Third I already go to the gym 3x a week or so & adding ANOTHER workout on those days just makes me sore.

Friday I spent 4 hours walking all over creation on a field trip with Mayhem & slept like the dead for 8 hours that night. So I was thinking I either need to get a job as a tour guide, which I would have to quit in 3 weeks when school gets out because I cannot imagine making enough doing that to cover daycare, or maybe I could try working out later in the day. Ideally this would be 4-5pm but right now that is a wildly awkward time, 7pm would be less awkward, but still fairly inconvenient since dinner is at 6:30, and I think the gym closes at 8. Come summer 4pm would work fairly well but for now I am going to try 2pm, which lets me have a 90 minute workout & get home with 10 minutes to spare for the bus.

A side effect of the leg spasm meds I am on to help me stay asleep is weight gain.

Of course THAT is the side effect I get. Not the ‘may cause drowsiness’. Oh no, not anything USEFUL. I get weight gain.  **grumble**  But it is water weight & apparently the weight goes away when you stop taking the meds. So having worked my way up to 1500mgs, I am now trying to work my way back down. But it’s looking like I am stuck at 900mgs. Anything less and the spasms come back. I get a few jerks here & there with 900, but not enough to wake me up. So far anyway. I’m thinking 900-1200 is probably what I need.

Then there is the photo project… you know… it’s just not working out well for me. I’m finding it far harder to take 14 photos a month then it was to take a photo a day. Sure, I was getting burned out but I’m over that now. I think I’ll restart my 365 project on my birthday in July. I’ll just incorporate the 14 photos into it for 2011, then do similar thing for 2012 which will continue after my birthday that year. That way I end up with 3 photo projects in 2 years. I’ll be 44 this year & I have been kicking around the idea of a 45th Year Project since my last birthday.

This way I get to take many more photos of my various manicures over the course of a month. Plus I have some ideas for ‘self portraits’.

It rained all weekend. I read romance novels all weekend & never quite got around to fixing dinner for one reason or another either night. Though I did make Mayhem a pizza.

How was your weekend?

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5 comments to Monday Meanderings

  • Jayne

     Glad the chickens are working out so far.  Has your Doc not suggested water tablets for the 'water weight'? Don't know if that would make a difference.
    Your weekend wasn't the only one filled with rain…..mine had wind as well.  So much for a summer holiday lol….I blame the in laws, they brought it with them :)

  • SciFi Dad

    My weekend?  My inlaws came over.  For dinner.  And my FIL brought his "broken" laptop.

  • Rinda1961

     Glad your chickens are doing okay and you're finding some solutions for the sleeping.Rinda

  • Beverly Edwards

    Havoc sounds quite paternal :)  I can't imagine exercising at 10pm, hope the mid afternoon has some positive effect on the sleep.

  • LosingBrownies

     I can't work out that late either. I really need to make an effort to wake up early and do it, I never seem to get through it before The Boy gets up and needs me. I tend to go for a walk with him instead.

    Also, I can't go to sleep all yucky either.