This takes the cake.

Or, actually, it eliminates the bread.

We all know I am a lazy slacker when it come to cleaning out and/or rotating the food in my house

Much to my mom’s intense embarrassment I have shared the results of this particular failing numerous times on this blog

The freezer

The fridge

The pantry

The surprise Milanos

So no one will be  at all shocked to learn I have done it AGAIN!

And I outdid myself rather spectacularly this time.

You might recall the 3 year’s expired bag of tater tots in the freezer last year, or the 3 year’s expired bag of pasta from the pantry back in January.

Pshaw! 3 years? A mere 3?

Amateur effort.

Ladies & Gentleman I present my greatest find to date


7 years expired yeast!

Go me!

I switched over to bulk bag yeast around the time this expired & I keep that in the fridge rather than the baking cupboard like the packaged stuff. This must have fallen behind the baking soda or the Karo syrup or something & been overlooked.

Or it was looked at & ignored because I didn’t need it & wasn’t cleaning stuff out so I never picked it up & saw the date.

Today I was going to make pretzel rolls for turkey burgers (Ruby Tuesday does a delicious avocado topped turkey burger on a pretzel roll & I wanted to make them at home). But when I opened the fridge there was no yeast.

Not even an empty bag with a few grains in it.

Which leads me to wonder just who the last  person to use the yeast was, since both DH & I would, without giving it a second thought, put a bag with a few grains of yeast back in the fridge, rather than throw the bag away, find a wipe off marker & then write “yeast” on the grocery list white board.

So I had to ransack the baking cupboard hoping maybe one or the other of us absent mindedly put the yeast bag in there last time we used it.

Also I thought I recalled seeing some packaged yeast, which DH has been known to buy from time to time when in a hurry & no where near the Mennonite place I buy the bulk stuff from.

And I was correct!


Either we used the yeast packets I thought I remembered him buying somewhat recently, or my memory is even worse than I thought.

Turkey burgers tomorrow I guess.

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16 comments to Pathetic

  • shareena

    It reminds me of my bf's fridge before I moved in. He has frozen food expired from 1999! haha! ^_^ I wish I could make it a frame out of that.

  • Jennie Hart

    How is it even possible that after you clean the cupboards out, the next time you do it you find things on an even earlier date? It does happen though, i'll back you up on that one! x

  • Alison

    I find herbs and spices are the things that I always find out of date!
    Alison xx

  • humel

    Yay! You really have excelled yourself, good for you :)

  • MonicaB

    My freezer is always the scary place. I'm not that great at going through items and when I do I'm always shocked!

  • Beth Zimmerman

    My daughter decided to clean out part of my pantry a couple of weekends ago. She came wandering into the living room and asked if we really needed to keep salad dressing that expired 10 years ago! Sigh!

  • Jacky S

    You shouldn't worry about it….I was reading an article today about all the food we chuck away….and apparently frozen food takes years to go off……and undamaged tins and jars can last at least 20 years!!!! So you're on the right track!!!!!

  • Laura Greene

    I can't help but sypathize with a post like this. I was not meant to be an amazing housekeeper. I can cook, I can do graphic design, and I can drive like a maniac, but cleaning is most definitely not my forte.

  • SciFi Dad

    Seven years is bordering on "make your own documentary" territory.

  • Irene Fitzpatrick

    LOL! I just love it! I've had the same experience when cleaning out my kitchen cupboards!

  • Mlgoulet

    eek! but that is hilarious :)

  • Rinda1961

    LOL! I love your posts like this.

  • LosingBrownies

    Oh man!! I remember when we moved into our current place. I was throwing away bottled things in the fridge that I didn't remember buying!! You'll have to share the pretzle roll recipe! That sounds good!

  • Julie Jeavons

    Thank-you for aswaging my guilt – I do that all the time.

  • Vernell

    Good to know I am not the only one who finds expired stuff in the kitchen :)

  • Lizziemade

    Meeee tooooo! I have to make myself do a cupboard and fridge clear-out from time to time… and I also find ground almonds from 3 years ago, yeast from a zillion centuries ago, dried fruit that is more "dried" than it is "fruit"… you know…
    BTW, how do you make pretzels? When we stayed in DC, we discovered those delicious soft pretzel breads, but I would have no idea how to make them. Got time to share the recipe (when you get some more yeast)? Pretty please?