New eyebrows

Possibly the highlight of my weekend.

I went from these bushy things:


To these much more trimmed & shaped things:


Please note the grey hairs remain unchanged despite getting a hair cut as well.

Why is this such a big deal?

I am 43 years old and this is the first time in my life I have had my eyebrows professionally done.

Usually the same person does my eyebrows that does my nails.

That’d be me.

And not being a.. um… (sadist or masochist…I always get them confused initially as I do with anything that is a choice between two things. I’m so used to guessing wrong that I guess differently even though I’m fairly sure I do know the difference. I am wrong often enough to doubt myself constantly in this sort of situation. I’d be a lousy bomb diffuser because I’d be seconding guessing whether I remembered the wire to cut color right. red? blue? I think it’s blue but maybe it is red? Was it red?)… anyway… not being into giving or receiving pain (so I suppose terminology doesn’t really matter, though the word I wanted was masochist) I never do too thorough a job of tweezing my eyebrows.

It hurts to tweeze.

Or wax.

And the one experience using a razor in college left me half an eyebrow for weeks.

So I have bushy eyebrows & don’t think about it much.

But a couple weeks ago I was in the mall for the first time in forever & I noticed a kiosk where they were doing eyebrow threading. (That’s when they use twisted string to yank the hairs out of your eyebrow. Fun!) And I thought to myself “You know… you could do that. It looks fast & that customer isn’t whimpering in pain. And think of the blog fodder potential” (I think Vanity got Ambition involved as back up). I thought about it while looking for shoes for Havoc & decided if there was no one waiting when I went back I would get it done.

But there were two people waiting so I decided it was a sign I am not meant to have my  eyebrows done & went home.

Then Saturday I went to my usual hair place to get a trim & the stylist asked what I wanted done & then asked me something no one has ever asked me before.

“Do you want your eyebrows done as well?”

First thought : Damn they must be really bushy looking today

Second thought: That’s twice now the eyebrow thing has come up,having never come up before, ever, maybe the universe wants me to get them done

(Vanity brought in Superstition. Vanity is sneaky like that)

So I said “Sure, lets get them cleaned up”

And 10 minutes of hot wax and pain later I had new eyebrows.

Once the redness & itchiness subsided I decided I liked them.

I’m just not sure I like them enough to make a habit of it.

How about you?

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33 comments to New eyebrows

  • Bernice Hopper

    I tried the threading in a shopping centre booth. I had a headache for 2 days. So now I have them waxed and try to tweeze in between until they grow too fast and I leave them until the next salon visit.

  • Jennie Hart

    That is a very good blog post, my eyebrow waxer went on maternity leave so have had to teach myself until she gets back, I guess it would have been easier to find someone….

  • humel

    I love your poll – it's very 'you'! :-)

    Stacey, I still have tears in my eyes because I found your mention of damnyouautocorrect on someone else's blog, and I literally cried and keened with laughter….. And now my tummy hurts! Thank you (I think!!)

  • Jo Burton

    I have never had my eyebrows "done" – I think I am quite happy with them they way they are – as I'm not sure I could stand the pain!!

  • Heather

    I have always done my own eyebrows with tweezers – not a nice job but I cannot think of anything more painful than waxing them!! OUCH :(

  • Heather

    by the way they do look good & its opened out your features :)

  • Tracyg

    I can hardly find time to get a haircut, let alone do my eyebrows!

  • Sharyn Carlson

    I've always been curious about the eyebrow threading. You'll have to let us know if you try it!

  • Rinda1961

    I get a facial every 6-8 weeks and have my brows done as part of that.

  • Andrea @ The Creative Junkie

    I have my eyebrows threaded every couple of months and in between, I maintain them by tweezing. I love the look that threading gives me and, while it's a bit painful, it doesn't hurt me as much as waxing and it gives me a much better eyebrow line. There's only 1 salon that does it around here and they also have a kiosk at the mall. I much prefer the salon as I hate to have all sorts of people stopping by and gawking at me while guzzling down a slurpee or something.

  • Wendy Bukowski

    LOL, I think I was about the same age when I had mine done in a salon for the first time, I just hadn't bothered before. I have the opposite problem you see – mine are very pale so I forget about them, but they are there, and untidy to boot. Only ever had them waxed though and it hurts EVERY time.

  • Simplystar02

    Great Question… Made me smile :) I get my eyebrows waxed every 12 weeeks…My friend loves watching as my eyes often water afterwards like i have been crying cause they hurt…it doesn't though i just have very delicate eyes i can't even put eyeliner on cause they water to much!

  • shareena

    I never tried threading before. I would like to try it one day or soon. Your eyebrow really look clean and trimmed. Nicely done!

  • Irene Fitzpatrick

    "I voted in the poll," she said, raising her humungous eyebrows!

  • Jimjams

    I wish you'd had them threaded – I want to know what that's like!
    Mine are beginning to grow and grow – I don't want to end up like Dennis Healey!

  • anneberit

    Fun poll :D
    Looking forward to new prompts from Shimelle!

  • Smart Ass Sara

    I get my eyebrows waxed every couple of months… like maybe every 3? Then I tweeze in between so they aren't totally out of control. :)

  • alexa

    Well, that was a surprise to see how many people have their eyebrows done in a salon! Interesting post! :)

  • McScraps4

    I'm a regular wax-er. I've never found it painful to keep me from doing it. Did it hurt? I guess. But it subsides as soon as the wax comes off. I guess I am a bit of a masochist, as I enjoy how the hot wax feels. Maybe that just makes me weird. LOL

  • Kai

    I will occasionally get my eyebrows waxed because it's two shots of pain and then it's over… but otherwise I can't bring myself to tweeze… it's too much of an owie. Owie owie owie!

  • LosingBrownies

    This reminds me that I need to do that!

  • Julie

    I was just thinking I need to get my brows done! I'm taking your post as a sign :)

  • Julieaj

    Now this is a blog post I can relate to. I had bushy brows for many years (forty at least) and now have them threaded when I notice they are getting out of hand. It does hurt because it removes all the fine hairs your wouldn't normally pluck with tweezers, but it is quick, easy, mess free, i can get it done in my lunch break and I get every tenth session free.
    I have few a more grey hairs than you (well I have had an extra 4 years to collect them) and I am over due for a colour. Thanks for the reminder.

  • SciFi Dad

    The only eyebrow work I do is the occasional culling of the herd to prevent unibrow formation.

  • Amy

    My eyebrows are the utter bane of my existence – I get them done because they are out of control … perhaps threading could be a good thing? Any which way, it hurts, but I decide to suffer for vanity :-)

  • Valerie Serfozo

    Hi Stacey. I'm in Shimelle's class with you, and found your post/poll to be very creative! It's something we all have to deal with. I'm not about to shape my brows myself, so I let the professionals do them!

  • Alysse

    I've come over from Shimelle's page. I tell you, I couldn't resist you saying your post was about eyebrows! It piqued my curiosity. Love how you make your thoughts a little smaller font. Very cute. And, your eyebrows look great!

  • Comfy Mom

    damnyouautocorrect is awesome. DH & I spent Friday nights reading a week's worth & we laugh until we cry at them

  • Comfy Mom

    The waxing is more painful but it was a much shorter lasting pain, whereas tweezing takes so much longer the pain is more lingering to me. I think I am going to try threading next so I have a variety of experiences to choose from

  • Comfy Mom

    Yeah the one in our mall is by the Starbucks kiosk in the center of the mall & people get a latte & then sit & watch others get their eyebrows done. It is rather intimidating

  • Comfy Mom

    Next time i get them done I am going to try threading so I have a choice of experiences to select from in future

  • Comfy Mom

    That is pretty much the extent of my home brow tweezing as well

  • Sherry C

    I love your new eyebrows! I say "yes" to the salon!