Girlie moments


I am not a girlie girl.

I’m not a tomboy either.

I’m a geeky girl. A nerd.

Not for me things that are pink & frilly, or floral or covered with hearts & I am no fan of glitter, hair dodads, makeup, most jewelry, high heels & rarely will you catch me in a dress. I prefer jeans, sandals & black tee shirts with obscure references to sci fi shows on them.

I’d be a teensy bit more girly if more of my communication was done with a paper & pen.

What you don’t realize is that whenever I mention Nathan Fillion on this blog you are spared the ‘I’s dotted with red hearts and the puffy flowers & hearts drawn all around his name with a pink glitter pen.

If I had to write his name down with a pen, that is what it would look like.

Probably their would be a “Mrs” in front of his name too & there would be a lot of giggling as I did it.

I get all girlie and 11 years old when I think of my crushes.

But I get geek points because he starred in a relatively obscure sci fi tv show and people say “who?” when I mention his name.

The only really consistent girlie thing that I do is paint my nails.

I have good nails. Strong, well shaped, a decent length, no hangnail or cuticle problem. When people ask me what my favorite body part is I always answer “My fingernails” (what? you don’t get that question on a regular basis?)

I feel good when my nails are done. Even if my hair has decided it is going to be neither straight nor curly but instead is rather fuzzy all over, I still feel good about myself because my nails look nice.

Plus, your nails do not get fatter if you eat a container of ice cream washed down with peanut butter cookies & I like that in a body part.

I like having a decent manicure, but I don’t like getting a manicure. I paint my own nails. Mostly because I am cheap & after 30+ years of nail painting I’m pretty good at it.

What makes you feel good about your appearance?

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11 comments to Girlie moments

  • Cheri Andrews

    I'm not particularly girlie either. But I do love a french manicure (when I can get all my nails to grow at the same time). My best feature is my hair. It also doesn't get fat, regardless of what I eat!

  • Rinda1961

    I love getting my toes done now and then, and I get facials regularly (because, as a friend once said, "after 30, everything shows on your face." ) . I like my legs – I inherited them from my mom! And I did a lot of ballet as a kid, which gave them nice shape.

  • Beverly Edwards

    lol I am right there with, my fingernails have always been strong and well shaped. Since early high school they have usually been painted although now that I am in the pool 3-4x a week I do them less. My toenails are ALWAYS, even in winter, painted. I have had a professional manicure once and she asked me why I was there, obviously I could do it myself lol

  • Cindy Carlson

    I can't believe you did your nails yourself! They are gorgeous! I can do one color, awkwardly, but to do two and get the lines straight to boot – whoo! I could never manage that.

    Same here on the girliness thing, though with two male children and my own DH, I do sometimes feel the need to at least claim that something pink and ruffled would be nice to have around the house. And I am with you on the geekiness thing too (still working on my 42 book), and about Nathan Fillion. I liked Firefly a bunch better than the episodes of Buffy he was in, but I even love watching him in Castle. David Tennant is my current fave, though. =] I wish you lived closer to DC – it'd be fun to giggle over Nathan Fillion with some company.

    I love my hair. It is heavily shot-through with grey, but a nice, bright, silvery-grey. When the light hits it, especially white lights (as opposed to sunlight), it's actually really beautiful. I once had a woman ask me at a movie theater (in the bathroom where the lights were super-bright) where I had had the grey done. I had to laugh – the idea that anyone would have grey put _in_ her hair. As if. It's a home job, of course, and my husband and children take care of maintaining and adding to the grey, though it never really needs touching up. It looks its best when it's freshly shampooed and dried, the one time it has any lift in it, so if they'd let me have 10 minutes peace to get a shower more often, I'd be happier, but I'll take what I can get. And, like your fingernails, it never gets fatter even when I resort to comfort foods. =]

    I don't do my nails very often because I am hard on them, but I do use clear nail polish with glitter in it every once in a while because it makes me happy to see the glitter flashing around, and I do my toenails in the summer. It's pretty much a shock to everyone when that happens because it's so unlike me to bother, but at least your toes stay painted for a while, so it seems like a better pay-off for the effort than the nails.

    Thanks for continuing to blog and remind me that I am not the only geek girl who scrapbooks.

  • Jayne

    I love the nails..they are so neat. I just cant manage to keep 'between the lines' lol.
    I can totally identify with the not quite girlie, nerdy girl u describe urself as. I can see the attraction in Nathan Fillon (thought he was great in Dr Horribles Singalong Blog as well) but was always a bit partial to Alan Tudyk in Firefly. I am definately a Tennant girl and a bit partial to Matt Smith now he is the new Dr (maybe I am just partial to the timelord himself lol). However, one of my top crushes at the moment is Zachary Levi….soooo cute :)

  • Alison

    Funnily enough, I always tell my daughter she should be glad she inherited my nails!I have what is called a 'long nailbed'- or so manicurists always tell me!

  • Carol Anne Wall

    I love my nails, too. I have to get them professionally done with a product called Shellac. They look good for 3 weeks on me — a huge accomplishment considering how much typing, gardening, crafting, and housekeeping I do!

  • Carole

    I am envious of your nails. Mine are prone to breaking and have tatty bits hanging off the edges. I don't chew them though so they can sometimes get quite long. I do neglect them horribly as anytime I pay them any attention, they just break more. Sigh.
    I don't know what I'd do with nice nails though. The rest of me is content with jeans and t-shirts and I don't own a dress.
    Nathan Fillion though. Mmmmmm.

  • Classic NYer

    Your nails, I must say, look HOT. I love a geeky girl with pretty nails!

    Somehow I get the feeling that all the parts of myself that I like are going to look different in ten years or so… and that's disturbing, haha.

  • Lifeofadoctorswife

    I am super impressed that you did your nails yourself. They are AWESOME. I've been doing my own nails for a couple of decades… And I always end up painting all the fingers on my left hand in addition to the nails. Have become adept at wielding a Q-tip soaked in nail polish remover, though!

    My favorite body part is my hair. It's thick and shiny and long. And, like fingernails, it doesn't care how much I weigh. "I like that in a body part" indeed!