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I thought I was too late to sign up for it because I was a couple days behind on reading Mel’s blog, but then she contacted me and asked if I could do a post about punctuation.


Yes. Punctuation.

or perhaps I mean:


The first response is clear cut. Yes. It is about punctuation.

The second is slightly less certain.  Yeeessss. I suppose it is about punctuation, of all things. It’s kinda rambly & disjointed but still, you must admit punctuation is the focus.

Punctuation is very important when communicating on line – we have no sarcasm font or snarky response font – so punctuation helps fill in the gap.

At least for me.

I use ellipses … all the time. Sometimes they mean “and yes, here is the punch line” or “here is the sarcastic bit”.

Usually they just express a general dubiousness about the whole thing, such as in my example, which is in line with their accepted use to suggest faltering or fragmented speech accompanied by confusion, insecurity, distress, or uncertainty. But that definition implies there are no words after the ellipsis…which never happens to me.

I don’t generally bother with their more common accepted use of symbolizing left out parts of quotations. I don’t quote much.

I’m also very fond of parentheses. (I bury all my snarky and wildly tangential comments in them) and then make them small so you can skip them if you want. I also use them correctly to mark off an interjected explanatory or qualifying remark.

But there isn’t much fun in that.

I also like dashes – but hardly ever use them. Dashes, correctly, should be used for confident & decisive pauses.

I’m rarely that confident about things and cannot think of a time I ever paused decisively about anything.

If you have made the decision, what is there to pause about?

Basically my use of dashes is limited to a single sentence:

My nemesis – the SCISSORS!

Which isn’t even an actual sentences because there is no verb, but is correctly using the dash because I am both confident and decisive that the scissors are my nemesis.

(Sr Joan, my high school English teacher would write – in big bold red letters – YES but WHAT ABOUT the scissors???? – if this were an essay. Of course if this were an actual essay there would be longer paragraphs. And she’d write – RAMBLING – in big red letters about halfway through. Lots of my high school essays had the word RAMBLING written on them. Big surprise I’m sure.)

There is a punctuation mark I think the language could use but is missing.

The language needs something to replace the ?!?! combination that expresses incredulity & surprise.

It could also do with some umlauts & accents.

English letters are kinda dull.



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37 comments to Alphanumeric Blog Hop

  • humel

    Rambling? Surely not…. ;-) Thanks Stacey, I knew you'd come up trumps – great post, perfectly punctuated! xx

  • Helena

    I'm quaking at the idea of my old English teacher marking my blogs !!

  • Karen

    What a fun post! Loved it.

  • Debs

    Brillaint post – I would have really struggled if I had been given that one! But yours is great and I so agree that we need something new to replace ?!?! – any suggestions?

  • Mary B

    :D I love the way you can use punctuations to draw with.
    I love to read about your Red Ramblings
    I love punctuations full stop.
    but you didn't mention my most favourite one the apostrophe

  • robbieandmelissa

    Very interesting reading on punctuation!

  • robbieandmelissa

    Very interesting post on punctuation!

  • Furrypig

    love the image you created about more interesting characters! I use far too many exclamation points!!!

  • Jen x

    Oh I use far too many !! on my posts – or — LOL though absolutely loved your post!

  • Ginger

    I would never have passed English in any form if marks were based on my blog posts :) I have enjoyed your post on punctuation, and Mel chose well having you do it!

  • Miriam Rogers

    Wonderful post! I am in total agreement with the need for umlauts and accents, and am seriously impressed with your perfect punctuation. I hope smileys are in order 'cause here is one for you :)

  • Angelfish

    What a clever post! I hope nobody will be marking me on blog punctuation!?!?
    Fiona x

  • Carol Anne Wall

    What a fun post! I lectured on ellipses in my writing class on Tuesday. I wish I had had your post then. May have to reference it for future classes.

  • Rachel B

    Brilliant post – just brilliant! (is that right?) lol :)

  • Jill conyers

    I truly enjoyed reading your take on punctuation. I have this weird obsession for grammar, punctuation, spelling etc. My preference is for them to be used correctly LOL

    I've always thought we need something to represent the ?!?!? combination.

  • Sianfair

    My name is Welsh and has a circumflex over the a. I use it when I'm writing, but not when I'm computing. Interesting post Stacey :)

  • Tracyg

    Lol, this really made me laugh. Great post.

  • N Stevenson

    OOh, that was a surprise, coming across a punctuation post, wasn't expecting that. Love the poster, great idea. I am another one that loves my exclamation marks.

  • Cheri Andrews

    I totally had to laugh at the poster you created. It's perfect!

  • Jacky S

    It certainly made me smile.

  • Beverly

    Brilliant post, I would have cried if I had been assigned punctuation, Mel definitely knew who to get to do it :)

  • Alison

    I use ellipses and exclamation marks……far too often!!
    Alison xx

  • Sandi Robinson

    Love this!! I'm not sure if my punctuation would pass muster with an exam board these days, but I do make full use of all those marvellous marks!!!! ((Hugs)) Sandi :)

  • Clare Woodward

    What a great post, made interesting reading. ~c~

  • Jimjams

    ¡ʇɐɥʇ ǝsn s,ʇǝן – pǝsnɹǝpun ɹǝɥʇɐɹ sı ɐpןıʇ ǝɥʇ ˙˙˙ ɟɟnʇs ʍǝu ǝɯos ƃuıppɐ ɟo ɐǝpı ǝɥʇ ǝʞıן ¡pǝsnqɐ uǝʇɟo puɐ ƃuıʞɔɐן ʎןpɐs ʇǝʎ ʇuɐʇɹodɯı ʎɹǝʌ – uoıʇɐnʇɔund ǝɥʇ uo noʎ ɥʇıʍ ɯ,ı

  • Michelle

    Lol! Cool post :)

  • Clair

    Excellent post – loving the theme almost as much as I love hyphens. Can't write a single thing without them!

  • Amy

    I would never let my English teacher read my blog – she would not be impressed at all!

  • Rinda1961

    Oh, you were such the perfect person for punctuation!

  • Carrie Rosalind

    I would never have been able to think about what to write about punctuation, but you pulled it off! :) cute post! :)

  • Margie S

    Beautiful post. I'd be lost if I had to make punctuation fun! The way we write in email and on blogs, etc., etc., would make all our English teachers scream with rage, don't you think? I use dashes a lot and almost always incorrectly. I never knew they were meant to be used for decisive pauses. I just learned something new OR rediscovered something I didn't know I once new!

  • SciFi Dad

    You neglected to discuss a staple of the blogging community: the three. period. sentence.

  • Lynn May

    Great post – I use far too many of these ! -

  • Jo Burton

    Brilliant post. But please don't look too closely at my blog for errors as there will be plenty. But do not dispair as I know the grammar and punctuation police are out there!

  • Andrea @ The Creative Junkie

    I tend to be a little comma happy. When in doubt, I stick in a comma. And I also use dashes all the time – probably incorrectly but I'm past the point of caring too much about it.

  • Rachel


  • Denise

    I love this post, you really made me smile as I was reading it and I LOVE the word snarky! I shall be using it from now on! Just catching up as I have been away since the hop :-)