The windy

The yard looked like this Friday


40mph winds.


I took this photo with my cell phone to try out a photo share app called I think picplz.

I could get the phone & check but I’m not sure where it is.

This app needs bars to send photos, not just wifi.

Probably ‘not able to send over wifi’ ought to be a deal breaker for me but after 14 years I have gotten used to nothing ever being simple with cell or internet in my life. If I expected things to work well with just normal set up we wouldn’t even have a tv, let alone internet & cell. All of it requires special little tricks or efforts. Someday I want all the conveniences of suburbia, but without all the people around.

So I had to go out in the 40mph winds in search of signal.

Up to the top of this hill in the driveway


and then wait as the wind blew, for more than a bar to appear.

The tower creaked ominously in the wind

picplz 2011-02-25 13.03.54

God might just be after taking the tower down themselves with all this wind.

How windy was it?

picplz 2011-02-25 13.05.33

Just that windy!

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4 comments to The windy

  • LosingBrownies

    Man, that is some strong wind! How strong can the winds get out there?

  • Lizziemade

    A fun post – only Stacey could write a brilliant post about a windy day! I love the photo of you with your hair over your face – a great illustration of how windy it was – even better than the one of the garden.

  • Andrea @ The Creative Junkie

    We've had some wicked here as well – couple that with snow and I can say without a doubt that New York State sucks donkey balls this winter – actually , I saw that every winter but especially this year.

  • humel

    Yup, definitely a bit of a stiff breeze going on there…. Our latest stiff breeze lifted off a quarter of our garage roof, bowled it across the road – breaking it into pieces and embedding part of it in our neighbour's garden wall in the process. We're still sorting out the insurance claim and have a garage open to the elements 4 weeks later, and I don't think the neighbours will speak to us again ever.