Scrapbook Saturday

I’ve really been lacking scrapping mojo the past month or so.

I’ve got a teeny bit obsessed with Jewel Quest Heritage, a match 3 game & it’s taken over my brain. Like I can’t put 3 identical cans of soup next to one another on a shelf for fear they will disappear as soon as they meet. I sit in traffic thinking “If that mini van ill just get over into that lane & then that truck slide back one it will match 6 cars and they will vanish& I’ll move up in the traffic.

I’m always slightly disappointed when the cars move that way & then don’t disappear.

I’ve managed about 3 layouts in the past month & they are not my best work I think. This one the title didn’t quite work out. It’s ok, but not quite the look I was going for.


Same with this one. It is close to what I had in mind when I started but is not exactly it


And this one I did yesterday. Again, 95% is what I was trying to do but that last 5% I just couldn’t quite pull off


I think I need to go back to templates. These were all free form. I’ve been trying to do more free form stuff but I think I am just better with a template framework I can tweek around to my specs.

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4 comments to Scrapbook Saturday

  • Lizziemade

    Okay, so am I allowed to disagree? I actually love those layouts. They are original, colourful and have lovely photos in them. They speak from the heart and document some special moments. That is what scrapbooking is all about!
    From a design point of view, I think the top layout has a rather long "title". How about a new Title – something like "Be Brave" etc – with perhaps the first word in the top l/h area of the layout, the second in the bottom r/h area, in plain lettering that matches and pops off the page at you? The original "title" makes great journalling/ comments!
    I'm not sure what you dislike about layout #2… I think it is just great! Possibly the only thing I'd have changed, is the white matt for the photo – it stands out just a tiny bit more than I would like if it were my own l/o. But really, I don't think that matters… Maybe you know what you don't like, but as I don't I love that page!
    As for the last one, it is gorgeous! Maybe I would have moved the central grid element and photos down just a teensy touch… but really it's fine as it is!!! I do like it a lot.
    If you hadn't told me you were unhappy with these, but just said, "Look I made 3 pages", I would've said "Wow, great pages Stacey – how clever!!"
    Are these paper or digi pages (sometimes it is so very hard to tell now, as digi scrapping has come along so far in the last year or two!) ? If they are gorgeously realistic digi pages, you can at least save a copy of each and play with them a bit.
    But, you know what? I think you should be proud of what you did and like them for the great pieces of work that they are!

  • LosingBrownies

    Oh gosh, my mommy brain is totally on. That first page made me cry a little!

  • humel

    Well, I'm loving these pages, Stacey!

    I always know I've been playing the Lego games on the Wii a bit too much when I catch glimpses of blue out the corner of my eye and whip me head round thinking 'Blue stud! Lots of points!'

  • Rinda1961

    At least you're getting something done. Somehow the lack of a computer has also tanked my creative mojo. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts. And the first layout makes me teary – especially being the mother of two adopted kids.