Some general blog housekeeping notes.

Martha, the crafty voice in my head, has retired for the moment, pleased with the chalkboard paint project.

But while was heaving a sigh of relief at that, Ambition suddenly appeared. Ambition is a pain in my butt. Unlike Martha, Ambition knows exactly who he  is dealing with & is well aware of my lack of motivation.

Ambition is having none of it right now.

It all started out innocently enough, I was reading a website (not for a change) and they were talking about a 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge they were about to begin on Feb 7.

And Ambition said “Ah HA! you need to do this”

and I whined “But I don’t wanna monetize my bloooooog! I just wanna have a commuuuunityyyyyy”

and Ambition said “Geez, Martha and the Insecurities are right. You are pathetic, and lazy. No one is expecting you to become the Pioneer Woman. Just try the self promotion thing for a month. And it’s February, so it’s a short month. At worst you meet some new people & maybe gain some followers. At best you may make enough in ad revenue for BlogHer to finally cut you a check.” (you need to earn $25 to get a check. In 3 years, I have gotten exactly one check)

Then Ambition cheated & brought Vanity into the discussion & Vanity is ALL ABOUT getting noticed & for once the Insecurities were silent on the subject. (anyone else ever let down by their Insecurities? I count on them to make my life easier & they totally dropped the ball this time. Possibly they are still sulking after losing the purple streaks in the hair argument last summer)

And I mentally crossed my arms and grumbled that ok I’d try it this time. For now.

So, I have done the first exercise which is writing an Elevator Pitch about the blog.

Short Pitch: Finding the funny in the daily routine.

Long Pitch: Havoc & Mayhem is the totally true story of a married, happy but incredibly tired, insomniac mother of two who occasionally forgets just who’s life she is leading. It is a rollicking tale filled with action, adventure, suspense, humor and really out of date food products. Join Stacey as she plans meals, reads books, crochets small items, battles with technology, raises her kids and tries in vain to convince the voices in her head she is not Martha Stewart, an underwear model, a tech geek, the Fly Lady or any of the chefs on television, all while clutching a Nikon D40 to ‘capture the memories’. With special guest appearances by her nemesis – The Scissors and his little straight pin minions.

I think it more or less covers it all.

I’ve also added an option to subscribe to my blog by email. (and probably mucked up my RSS feed in the process, if you don’t see this post in your reader, please let me know)

Off & on throughout the month, as I work my way through this project, there will be random posts like this & you may be seeing more of me on bloggy forums and stumble upon and tumblr.

Or not.

I’m trying to lure Ambition into applying his energies toward diet & food restraint but so far no luck. As I said, Ambition knows *exactly* who he is dealing with and when to give up a lost cause.

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7 comments to Some general blog housekeeping notes.

  • SciFi Dad

    This came through my reader fine.

    An interesting proposition. Will you let us know how it all plays out?

  • Lizziemade

    Great post, Stacey! The Pitch made me laugh very loud! It's all true, but wonderful nevertheless…

    I love reading your blog. If someone will send you cheques because I read your blog (along with lots of others I hope!), then go for it!

    Just don't let your unique style and great story telling get buried by Ambition or Vanity, please?

  • Beverly

    Great job on the pitches, found the long one very entertaining, if I didn't already read your blog I would want to ;)

  • Sara

    People keep telling me to monetize my blog and adverstise myself. But eh.. it's just so much work. I'm not even on Twitter because that seems like too much work. :)

  • Mama Mary

    Ah, the bane of trying to make money on a blog! God help us all. : ) Great elevator pitches! Also a great reminder for me to do mine as well.

  • Judie

    Great post Stacey – it made me LOL too! Great website resource too – maybe you can send Ambition my way to get me (and my blog) going on my creative projects :)

  • Kim

    oh, no! now I feel like I should actually READ all those "31 Days" emails I signed up for and, auugh! actually DO the exercises. I was doing SUCH a good job of ingnoring them and then you had to go and bring it up. Darn you, Martha. I mean, Ambition, er Vanity! If I actually build a better blog this month it will be your, un, fault.