Randomness for Monday

I did well with my photo project last month. I had 16 topics to start with and ended up not taking a macro shot, but I added menu planning & gas prices so had 17 photos at the end of the month. We’ll see how I keep up this month.

This is the menu board from last week. Sunday to be precise


Still left to make this week on the list is everything from lasagna-rolled on down. A rare example of me following the order of the list.

I still have no idea what to cook in the crock pot. I’m thinking beefy lentil soup. I made marinated steak bites for snacking during the game last night & have plenty left for soup. But I do need to run out & get some root veggies to add to it. But I think a crock pot is sort of unnecessary. It’s not like I am not home from 11am every day. I can easily watch a pot on the stove & you don’t get that ‘watery’ taste everything I cook in the crock seems to get.

I managed a decent self portrait this month & had fun playing with it in Lightroom 3


I’m finding more grey in my hair these days. Those ‘highlighted’ hair strands on my shoulder? Grey.

I was looking for a charted Celtic design book in my office last week. I wanted to do a pattern framing the cross stitch project I am working on. I never did find the book but I did find several sheets of 14ct Aida fabric. My bloggy friend Carol recently made a cute cross stitch bookmark and I decided to make a few myself with this fabric. But cross stitching will take too long, so I dug out my Elizabethan Blackwork patterns and will make a few this week using them. Only with color thread instead of black. Depending on how it goes I might put some for sale in my neglected etsy shop.

DH is supposed to take the cub scouts bowling tonight but one of the tower climbers hurt his back so DH may have to take the climb & it’s 3 hours away. So I may have to take the cub scouts bowling.

Pray for me.

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