I now realize the problem

One of my New Year’s goals for about 4  years running, not including this year when I finally just gave up, was to cook and eat more veggies.

I’ve failed at it every time.

I’ve had excuses, mostly that I am just not a fan of veggies, especially cooked veggies, plus there are the texture issues – mine & the boys, but it’s been since I surrendered on the whole topic that I have finally seen the actual problem.

Despite being able to multitask in every other area of my life (I can crochet and read at the same time), I am a cooking unitasker.

So if my attention is focused on prepping, browning & stewing chicken in a skillet, it cannot be on the cauliflower gratin.

Which is why we either have raw veggies or slow roasted veggies or veggies in stir fry.

I made the Pioneer Woman’s chicken fried steak the other night.

OMG y’all! this is excellent!

(where has this southern accent suddenly come from anyway? I grew up outside of Pittsburgh. We say y’unz. Though OMG y’unz! just doesn’t sound the same.)

We had it with raw carrots.


Because chicken fried steak consumes my entire attention & the thought of making mashed potatoes or Brussel sprouts sautéed with bacon as well just about makes my mind explode.

I can’t deal with two things on the burners.

Even if one is just boiling potatoes.

I can put something in the oven or in the crock pot and then put something on the stove. But not two things on the stove.

And roasting & crock potting requires advance planning. I can manage that on weekends but not so much during the week.

I discovered this while trying various recipes from Rachel Ray’s “365 No Repeats” book. She almost always has several burners going at once, plus endless bowls and dishes with prep stuff on them & lacking a staff of prep minions and dishwashers I just can’t cope with that. 30 minute meals are great in theory but I’d rather have 60 minute meals with one pot & one prep bowl.

But, now that I know this I can plan ahead. I can make pot roast (our favorite recipe for it has no veggies, adding some changes the taste in a negative way) and plan for the brussel sprouts with bacon since I don’t have to think about the pot roast.

I foresee more braised and crock pot dishes in the future.

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11 comments to I now realize the problem

  • SciFi Dad

    We steam our veggies before dinner and feed them as a snack. It makes dinner more fun when there's no negotiating ("three more beans and then you can have another piece of sausage").

    What if you cooked the veggies while prepping the meat? Then, when you need to cook the meat, the veggies are cooked.

  • Sara

    Seriously– crock pot needs to be your BFF. And you CAN do pot roast with veggies. You just need a deep roaster pan. :) But I even do a pot roast in the crockpot (granted, it's not a big one but eventually I'll get a bigger crock pot) and in there you can throw veggies and potatoes in there. Easy cheasy peasy. :)

  • Michelle Saunderson

    Pot roast in the crockpot is really good. You can add the veggies at the same time too. The one I make is really easy. Just brown your meat, add to crockpot with cut carrots and potatoes, a can of mushroom soup, a pouch of onion soup mix and enough water to cover. Let cook all day. Serve when you get home.

  • Comfy Mom

    Oh I've made pot roast with veggies, but the recipe we like best makes it without. Adding them too it changes the flavor. I roast veggies separate for it.

  • Darcy@Somewhatmuddledmusings

    My crockpot is my best kitchen friend :D

    And..another shout-out for freezer cooking! Make a triple or quadruple batch of mashed potatoes, freeze'em and all you have to do is microwave them to have them ready for a meal, and you can do that once you have everything else finished!

  • Andrea @ The Creative Junkie

    Other than frozen corn or peas, I prefer raw veggies because they're much more nutritional.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  • LBDDiaries

    This made me laugh out loud! I can so relate. I love to cook (when I'm in the mood) but multi-tasking usually leaves something burned (ho)! Since we got rid of the microwave, I bake my broccoli in the oven (frozen, toss in 9×13 pan, 25 min or so) which leaves the burners free! You can add topping later (cheese) or leave it nekkid but it's EASY to do 'cause you don't think about it again until the buzzer goes off. Visiting via SITS!

  • scrapchick

    I throw Carrots & Taters in the Crock Pot with the roast about half way through. While I'm a multi-burner cook, lol – I hear ya it can get a little tricky at times! Have you tried the Fix It & Forget It Cookbook – love it for the Crock Pot!

  • Rinda1961

    What a great realization you've made! By the way, I sent an email asking for your address to the havoc and mayhem email that shows up from your comments. Email me, and I'll send the pressed mermaid card your way.

  • Anonymous

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  • Mama Mary

    I am the same as you! I mainly eat only steamed veggies or sometimes I'll roast them with some olive oil. Two burners going is crazy stressful! I've been practicing a lot in the kitchen but still can't handle it if I have to prepare more than one item.