Final 365 pages

I completed the last page for my book. I was one page short so I had to make one more so there were no blank pages. I did a standard year in review page for it and then I put the cover & back page layouts together. The tricky part was coming up with 24 more photos that were not already in the book.

I know, I know…how could that be tricky with all those photos.

Yet somehow… finding photos that were not variations on the existing 365 photos was a challenge.

Which tells me that even my ‘regular’ photography was pretty much 365 driven.

I’ll be interested to see how many photos I have at the end of this year without 365 prompting me.

Oh, and yesterday? I went grocery shopping & took two photos of my full cart with my camera phone before I remembered I am not doing that this year.

The back cover


The front cover


The last page


Next up, finish the missing JYC pages, finish editing Oct & Nov photos & get them uploaded & then copy everything to my EHD and I’ll be ready for a new start.

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4 comments to Final 365 pages

  • SciFi Dad

    Those look awesome.

    So, is this like, "I took at least one photo a day for a year. This is a collection of the best one from each day." or something else?

  • Comfy Mom

    The main book itself is photos I specifically took for the 365 thing – the dinos, clones, food, etc, though some of those photos did turn out to be from events or activities where I took a bunch of photos, like the Cub Scout Rain Gutter Regatta or going to Great Wolf Lodge. But when I realized I needed to create one more page to fill the book I wanted it to have different photos than were already in the book. Then I decided to do a scrapped cover rather than a single photo cover for the book, so I needed 12 more photos.

  • Rinda1961

    You go girl! I'm struggling to finish up the journaling in my JYC. I"ve got all the pictures in and the jouraling is pretty much on my blog, so it's really just a matter of copying it. But still I get bored after I do 2 or 3 entries. Hopefully will finish before the weekend.

  • Lizziemade

    I am soooo impressed! It looks like a wonderful memory of your year. Of course, you could put the grocery cart pictures to good use and do "365" all over again!! (hee hee)