My ISP called me yesterday and said they would be downgrading my blight on the landscape.

You remember the blight that brings me my internet signal, right?


A 75ft mini tower that, in Sept 2009, replaced this 50ft mono pole eyesore.


because the mono pole had a tendency to do this


and this


in high winds or after heavy rains,

before it finally did this and resulted in the mini tower


It was  a regular feature throughout 2009.

The ISP says the mini tower ‘can be better utilized elsewhere’


So obviously someone else is now more important to them than I am.

Apparently enough time has passed they have forgotten just how annoying I can make myself when my internet signal has problems. I’m like a crack addict desperate for a fix.

I will CUT YOU if you don’t fix my signal! I know where you are! I have nothing better to do than call you eleventy billion times a day. Of course if my signal was working I’d have LOADS of other things to do. But since it isn’t – well here we are. Only you can change the situation. I’m going to park myself in your office and use your wireless signal until you fix mine. What’s that? The bucket truck will be right out? Great!

Naturally the first thing I said was “Will this negatively impact my signal strength?”

Keeping it professional, not screaming “YOU’LL HAVE TO PRY THAT TOWER FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS” like I wanted.

They said they didn’t think it would reduce my signal any. I said if they were certain enough of that they were willing to risk their tech support’s future productivity level, then fine, I agree. I asked how they intended to combat the pole’s habit of falling over due to weather & they have some new guide wire arrangement plan they feel confident will work. I said the bucket truck driver certainly knows how to find the place if it doesn’t, and when I could I expect this downgrade from blight to mere eyesore to occur.

The next few weeks.

So anytime between later today and 2012 basically. I have a worry it will be late April and I’ll be wondering if they changed their minds, or simply forgot. But I can’t call and ask them because if they forgot, then I just reminded them. Or I’ll come home from the gym next week & discover they snuck in while I was at Body Pump & swapped out the tower when I wasn’t around to question everything they did.

So if I sort of vanish for a week at some point, you know why.

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