Contented *sigh*

Do you know what the boys did today?



Granted it’s only for a week & half…they have half days Jan 13 & 14 and then have Jan 17 & 18 off … but it is still something. And by the 15th we’ll be happy to once again have some all day together time. I’ve got some color them yourself wooden toys as a project for the 4 day weekend.

I think I never really recovered my equanimity from those two snow days right before Xmas vacation. They threw me off & today I am still trying to get stuff done I was going to do those two days.

Like clean the pantry (blog post no doubt coming soon!)

Like reorganize the office (also a good source of blog fodder)

Like clean & scrub the utility room (not at all blog worthy)

oh, and like sleep in uninterrupted.

They have been up at 6am all vacation, including Jan 1, and except for Dec 31 when they got up at 4:05. I do lay in bed until 8 or so, but since I can clearly hear them fighting over toys or rustling around in the kitchen, I never really go back to sleep. This has made me no end of cranky the last few days as the insomnia plus lack of nap has caught up with me.

We did have a lot of fun though, making cookies with friends, shopping for gifts, having endless battles with dinos & clones, playing Wii and other games. 

But it has left me with a burning desire to nap until noon so I can feel rested.

Tomorrow I will be doing just that.

Today I am packing up the ornaments & trees and cleaning/reorganzing the heck out of the living room. We have sufficient board games, card games & Legos that we really need to revamp the toy keeping system in that room.

I felt a bit disoriented this weekend with no new daily photo project to work on. That is going to take a little getting used to I think after 3 years. But I did manage to finish nearly all my layouts for the 2010 photo book. Here are a few more of them:






With any luck I’ll get Nov & Dec done Tuesday & the whole thing sent off to blurb by Friday.

Then I just have to finish Journal Your Christmas.

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11 comments to Contented *sigh*

  • Ptooie

    awesome pictures. I like the variety of shots for each family member!
    and geez, I'm still nursing coffee while my eldest munches some breakfast. How early do yours have to be out the door?

  • Helena

    love the self portraits, esp april and sept. You've inspired me to do several of these photo a month projects this year. The perforated paper look for the portrait pages is fantastic

  • Beverly

    LOVE the layouts!!! happy napping :)

  • Amanda

    Really like the idea of those something the same every month pages. Awesome.

  • Rinda1961

    I'm at the opposite end. I don't want to return to reality! The kids start tomorrow, and my school starts next week (with a conference to attend at the end of this week). I've loved the time away, but granted my kids are older and it's not snowing outside. . . .

  • shellthings

    Oh, how I did a cheer when my boys went back to school today!

  • scrapchick

    Woo hoo for back to school! Love the layouts! And are those your fingers in the fingerless gloves? Great manicure!

  • SciFi Dad

    (trying again)

    Since I get up at 5.20am for work, getting up at 7.00am over this holiday has been a treat.

  • Comfy Mom

    Mine were actually eating breakfast when I posted. They don't leave until 7:15

  • Comfy Mom

    Thanks! I had a lot of fun trying to get a different photo look every month

  • Comfy Mom

    Yes those are my hands. Thanks! It was one of my better hands & nails shots