Holiday recap

It’s been a …(insert adjective of the moment here) few days.

My kids have been on vacation since the 16th (thank you weather…not) so they reached brotherly love saturation by the 23rd and have been mostly getting on one another’s nerves, and mine, ever since.

On the 24th we got together with some friends to make cookies




That evening we set out some cookies and milk for Santa. We also said goodbye to our visiting elf Elvin. The boys were so sad Elvin was leaving they wrote Santa a note asking for Elvin to visit again next year.


Then Santa came


Great gifts were had by all

DH got books and a Jedi robe bathrobe


The boys got movies, Wii games, books, board games, some Kung Zhu pets & Star Wars Legos



Santa brought the whole family a set of Snap Circuits, which are this geeky engineer toy that let you create electrical circuits that do various things – run a fan, make assorted noises, record voices, etc


I got some books, both Kindle and dead tree versions, plus $50 to spend on books and I also got this lens,


which was a drama of it’s own involving Fed Ex’s inability to deliver a package for 5 business days. I’m over an hour from the distribution center, which received my package on the 16th. Weather kept it from being delivered the 16th and the 17th (though UPS was delivering the 17th just fine). Then due to the ‘backlog’ it wasn’t delivered the 20th, 21st or 22nd. Backlog is another way of saying ‘we just couldn’t get to you because you are so far out, maybe tomorrow’. Which is total crap. UPS is also an hour away from me, though in another direction and they showed up 3 times in those 5 days. They also got cookies. I’m 100% positive it only turned up the night of the 23rd because I made such a pain in the butt of myself on the 21st, 22nd & 23rd to their service center. The distribution center called me at 5:30pm that night & said ‘oh I talked to the driver, he said he’s on his way there & should arrive in about an hour’. In other words someone finally realized they had been delaying delivery of my stuff for a week and made some guy take a truck out with it. He did not get cookies. Fed Ex always seems to have some issue or other when they have to deliver to me so I try to avoid them whenever possible.

We laid around & played with our new stuff mostly on the 26th. Though I did venture out to get my hair cut. It was supposed to snow an inch, or 2-4 inches, or  just flurries. Depends who you ask. The snowstorm blew east of us though and all we had were some flurries Christmas morning & a few more Sunday afternoon. Monday was very very windy & affected my internet. The main tower I get my signal from had a pole blow over and it won’t be fixed until Wednesday so I had to wait for DH to get home and reorient our eyesore to another tower.

Now I am getting caught up on some Journal Your Christmas layouts and getting ready for the New Year’s Eve party we are hosting on Friday.

DH will be 45 that day.

How was your Christmas?

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8 comments to Holiday recap

  • Johnjenkinsjoanie

    My Christmas was groundhog day. The same every year with little to no variation. Same people, same food, same hubub. I am thankful though, that I still have my parents and that we can all be together. Any attempt on my part to change things up a bit were received with fear and trepidation by the older folks who like things, well, status quo. Sigh. But, letting thankfulness settle in my heart, I will try to look forward to groundhog Christmas again next year.

  • Lizziemade

    Sounds like a full and happy Christmas! Postal deliveries got through ok here, but in Scotland and parts of Northern England, there was no post for days and days (nor shopping deliveries/ couriers), because of the thick snow.
    I love the photos of the boys making cookies and opening presents. DH's Jedi Robe is cool – my DH and DS would prob. like one of those.
    Glad you had a good Christmas. Hope you have plenty of time to relax and chill before your party on Friday – which I hope will go very well!
    Merry Christmas Stacey!

  • scrapchick

    Sounds like a nice Christmas less the lens drama – but seems worth the wait! :)

  • LosingBrownies

    Sounds like it was a great Christmas, even though FED-EX is lame.

    Ours was good :o)

  • Andrea Chamberlain

    omg, I'm loving that Jedi robe – I need to find out if my BIL has one of those because otherwise, my SIL will be all over it for next Christmas.

    And I love your "dead tree" description of books!

  • Rinda1961

    Love, love,love the pix of your DH in his robe! Congrats on the new lens! Fed Ex is pretty likely to deliver our packages to a neighbor around the corner (grrrr… but now we know to go look there when we're expecting something) – UPS has no problems with us. BTW, I stopped by a Hallmark store on 12/27 looking for a Nativity Set on deep discount. No go, but I did think of you when looking at all the Star Wars ornaments! LOL!

  • SciFi Dad

    I envy your solitary, visitorless Christmas more than you could ever know.

  • Maritzia

    Yep, we had the same exact problem with Fed Ex. UPS delivers on time to us with no problem. Fed Ex had our package "out for distribution" for almost a week. Like you, I called and said ugly things, and surprisingly my package was at my door half an hour later.

    Fed Ex really does not like delivering in rural areas.