Wordless Wednesday

Ok it’s not wordless. It never is wordless. I always have something to say about any photo I post. But generally not enough to qualify as ‘wordy’ Wednesday and my thesaurus falls short on one word synonyms, beginning with W, for “just a few words or maybe a couple sentences” Wednesday.

I suppose this lead in does make it ‘wordy’ this time but really, this has nothing whatsoever to do with the photo, so IMO it doesn’t count in the word total.

Anyway, here is the photo.


On the 20th of the month I take self portrait for my 365 project. About a week or so ago I noticed that the (proportionally) few grey hairs I had on mostly my neckline area, and therefor hidden unless I wore my hair up, had been joined by new, much more prominent, grey hairs on my brow line & felt this development should be documented for posterity.

Because someday I will look at this photo and think “I looked so YOUNG then and had hardly any grey hair at all” and “Why did I always go so long between eyebrow waxings back then? What WAS I thinking?”

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5 comments to Wordless Wednesday

  • Cheri

    According to my stylist, thicker brows are "in" – so you should be fine! My "grey" is actually coming in white and against the blond is impossible to document!

  • SciFi Dad

    I'm getting white (not grey, white) in my beard… I pluck them.

  • Andrea Chamberlain

    You look like you have a great eyebrow arch – mine sucks and it's one of the reasons I have mine threaded. It seems to give me a better arch than waxing.

    Oh, and I just spent $95 to cover my gray last week – I would *kill* to just have a few stray grays. :(

  • Jean

    I like your thinking!

  • Beth at Studio B

    You're a braver woman than I to do a self portrait every month! I think it would depress me!!