People recovering from bronchitis cannot be expected to compose whole paragraphs, let alone entire blog posts.

So, my scrapbooking sisters! Who has signed up for Shimelle’s new class True Stories, which begins Oct 25? It focuses on journaling & I am hoping to get a bit of a jump start on Journal Your Christmas with it. Since this will be my 4th year of JYC I’m hoping to go with more journaling & less scrapping for it this year.

Mayhem’s handwriting sucks. Pretty much our entire conference with his teacher focused on that. The problem is that most of the time no one can read his homework or his writing assignments so he doesn’t get full credit. But since that is all that is wrong with him he doesn’t get special writing time, so we have to do it at home. The nice part is the teacher thinks she can get some writing workbooks & things from the special assistance teachers & send them home for us.

Havoc is doing fine. They want us to work on his reading comprehension. He and the 3 other accelerated readers are all focusing on that. While they can read 5th grade stuff, they don’t always understand it so we have all these questions we are supposed to ask as part of his reading homework from now on.

I had an appetite for the first time in a week yesterday! Felt good to want to eat something. And to want to cook. Dinner was so haphazard, if it happened at all last week. DH must have brought home food 4 times.

iPhone has this cool new app called Stop Motion I think. You can make stop motion videos with it. It’s 99 cents, totally cool.  Anyone know of a similar thing for the Droid?

I won a Boba Fett Xmas ornament on eBay! Only $9! It’s the one from 1998. I got Leia that year. But I am slowly backfilling the ones I wanted but wasn’t able to buy at the time. I need to decide if I am going to be a first trilogy purist or go with second trilogy as well. I didn’t like the second trilogy that much.  But I like the Clone Wars series.  Decisions, decisions.

Tonight is bunco & we are supposed to come in costume. Probably I could just show up  in my pjs, carrying my meds and a big class of OJ.  Go as a sick person. But probably no one would want to sit near me. So I bought a witch’s hat. I’ll wear that, normal clothes & carry my staff. Probably I have some pentacles around here somewhere I can wear.  I have no energy to get into a full costume.

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13 comments to randomness

  • Andrea Chamberlain

    I'm out the door to catch a plane but I wanted to pop in here because it seems like I've missed a few blog posts i the past couple of days! Glad you're recovering from bronchitis. I'm going to miss my Bunco this week which sucks but how fun to come in costume! I'd come as a die and then they could roll me across the table and give me some exercise while I hopefully win some money.

  • SciFi Dad

    1998 Boba Fett?!? There. Are. No. Words.

    Colour me green.

  • Scrapdreams

    Glad you are starting to feel better … see you in True Stories!

  • Sara Strand

    We're supposed to have conferences for my daughter's 4K class and it should be interesting. Especially since they don't do anything and when I ask the teacher seems cluelss. Super.

  • Jean Has Been Shopping

    You're back! And you have a lot going on.
    I love it when hubby brings home food. I hope you were able to enjoy some of it, even though you were so sick.

  • Helena

    "People recovering from bronchitis cannot be expected to compose whole paragraphs, let alone entire blog posts."

    I agree. But you totally did it!

  • Comfy Mom

    Last year we had 3 people come as a set of dice. It's really hard to play when you are dressed as dice.

  • Comfy Mom

    I thought of you when I started looking through ebay for it. I got really lucky on that one. You should check it out sometimes you get great deals, even with shipping

  • Comfy Mom

    I always bring a list of questions & offer to leave it with them if they can't answer them right then.

  • Notblessedmama

    my son has been dying to do stop motion, thanks so much for the iphone app heads up!

  • humel

    I'm excited about Shimelle's new class, and I hope to major on the journaling aspect of JYC this year, too.

    And we have our parents' evening this week – I'll have to let you know how it goes!

  • mommygrrl

    Glad you are feeling better! You should just go as a doctor in scrubs. They are comfy and you can wear a face mask. :0)
    (I hate costume parties. Way too much pressure)

  • Carrie

    Glad you're coming out of the woods! I signed up for Shim's class – missed my LSNED discount but oh well. lol PS Chance at little scrappy giveaway on my Oct 19th post. :)