Numbers, in lieu of prose

6:40 – when I wake up

7:30 – when I go back to bed

9:30 – when I wake up again

8 – years I have struggled with insomnia

3 – years I took Lunesta

10 – months I have been off of it

43 – nights I have had more than 3 hours of sleep in a row

22 – days I have been congested in my chest

20 – giant horse pills of amoxicillin I have taken for bronchitis

8 – containers of pro biotic yogurt I have eaten

4 – times I have served spaghetti for supper this month

1 – times I have actually eaten it myself

6 – pounds lost while ill

7 – pounds regained in the past week

?? – cookies eaten since my appetite returned

8 – games I already owned & played this month

3 – games I have purchased this month from Big Fish Games

0 – times I have made it to the gym this month

5 – new books read so far this month

.25 – crochet projects completed since school started

3- episodes of The Tudors Season 4 I have viewed so far

This post inspired by Day 2s prompt in Shimelle’s True Stories class

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