Updating things

I’m doing some work on the blog.

I’ve got posts from a different blog and from two other sites that I am integrating into this blog because they are all about Havoc & Mayhem, plus some craft stuff and I feel it should all be in one place.

But of course formats are different & importing changes the look of the text and occasionally appears to break the whole blog, so I have to go through each post, one by one and fix things.

There are about 250 posts and about half of them require individual loving care to appear correctly. They are from 2006 & 2007 so no one but me will probably ever view them, but I want them to look nice in case someone drops by unexpectedly.

Unlike say, my living room, which is always in need of reformatting & yet never seems to get it. Oh I sweep up a few unnecessary broken code tags and put the unused emphasis in boxes out of sight but really the whole living room could do with a new template and a fresh start.

Anyway, after making the posts look pretty I have to tag them because there is no point in having posts here if I can’t then find them.

The problem is that blogger can’t make up it’s mind about publishing these posts. Sometimes they are published with the correct past date. Sometimes they are published with current one & then I have to republish it with the correct past one. I hadn’t noticed these posts appearing & disappearing in my RSS feed over the weekend but if you have or if you do please forgive me.

I’m hoping to get it all sorted this week. Thanks for your patience

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