Brought to you by Havoc.


This came home drawn on the back of a math homework worksheet. Havoc said they had some free time & were allowed to draw if they wanted.

These are fire trucks trying to put out a burning airplane while people escape down the emergency shutes.

They watched Destroyed in Seconds on the Discovery Channel over the weekend & one of the things shown was an airplane in Japan that caught fire after it had landed.

It’s interesting the things that stick in his mind.

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3 comments to Artwork

  • SciFi Dad

    Did they have foaming trucks on the show? Like, the kind that spray a mixture of water with a foaming agent? If so, you can tell him you know someone who designed the flow proportioning system on those trucks (there's a little computer in the truck that controls how it mixes the water and foaming stuff, and I used to design them).

  • Mel

    Wow…. Super pic, Havoc :-)

    (I'd made them do extra maths ;-) No free time in my classes!!)

  • Carrie

    I like his color scheme! And yes – it is amazing what sticks in their minds, most of the time things that make me wince for mine. lol