Who would do something like this?

We had a mouse problem recently. This meant putting sticky traps all over the cupboards & taking everything out of the cupboards, washing it or checking it for mouse contamination, washing the cupboards themselves & then putting everything back, but in better sealed containers.

I should know by now that cleaning anything in my kitchen […]

I knew this post was coming

but I had hoped there would be more time.

Granted I have been expecting this post for months, so there has been time. But not enough.

There never is enough time.

Especially when you have a 17 year old cat who has been slowly getting thinner & thinner. One who has a bloody […]

Weekly Winners

Some from my 365 project this week

Union job, one guy working, two guys ‘supervising’

My contributions to a wine & cheese party

I wish energy was this easy to find

Well let me tell you about that

Clone troopers go offroading. It can be dangerous, good thing they […]

Musings about socks

Deep thoughts I am sure…

Yesterday’s photo was under captioned in my opinion, but I didn’t have time to write down everything that I was thinking about in relation to these two socks in the hallway, a mere 5 feet from a welcomingly empty washing machine, only 15 feet from the dirty hamster […]

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