Monday Ramblings

It’s Monday and I am so wishing it was another weekend day.

DH went camping Saturday night and I never sleep well when he is gone. The boys were up at 6am as usual. They made me breakfast which was really sweet, but I didn’t actually get up until 7am, so that  was some soggy cereal.

I should plan my weekly menu but once again I am just not feeling it. I know I want to make lasagna one night & steak and pirogues. Havoc wants tacos too. Probably I should make something with chicken one night but I am so tired of chicken.

In baking news, Saturday I made the Pioneer Woman’s chocolate sheet cake. (I’m too tired to track down a link but it’ll pop right up if you google it). It was really good but apparently ‘sheet cake’ is a different size in her neck of the woods. Where I live it means 9×13 pan. Other places it means more like 12×15. So consequently l had to cook it twice as long.

It was still delicious though.

I made butter cream icing which I hadn’t had in years. The butter was too cold to cream with the sugar though so actually I had butter granule icing, which still was quite tasty.

Mayhem had gotten used to his shoes & they still fit.  He wants me to buy him some Star Wars toy or other but when told he had to be good a WHOLE WEEK to earn it promptly fell into hysterics because there is no way he can be good a WHOLE WEEK, the best he thinks he can manage is one afternoon & probably dinner.

Havoc now calls everything ‘Marmaduke’ instead of ‘hippie’. Apparently they have some sort of rota going in first grade for insults. He’s also reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid and had to be reminded not to call people ‘morons’ even if they do in the book.  But he understands that all sorts of things are allowed in fiction that would never pass muster in real life, so it’s not that big of a deal.

On the crafty side, I made a camera strap last week. I posted about it Saturday so if you go to my full feed and scroll down it should be there, if you are interested in my latest battle with my lifelong nemesis – the scissors. It’s a nice camera strap. I am going to make a couple more for gifts as soon as I buy a new rotary cutter.

We are halfway through re-watching Babylon 5 season 3 from Netflix but I keep forgetting to get the discs in the mail so it’s taking much much longer than watching Seasons 1 & 2 did. We own those. They were $20 a season when I bought them. Now, 5 months later, the exact same discs are selling for $52 a season. I would have bought the whole 5 seasons in December but I didn’t want to drop $125 at once. Now I wish I had because it will be another $150 to buy the remaining discs.

I’m off to the gym, grocery store, library & to pay the electric bill. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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7 comments to Monday Ramblings

  • SciFi Dad

    Yeah, I looked at B5 after you mentioned it last time… very pricey, especially when you can get other series for $20 a season. We're looking at X-Files (I've seen most, my wife's seen few) and/or Gilmore Girls (neither has seen any) for the summer months when the only new tv is reality crap.

  • Brittney/milmomma

    I so wanna see the movie Dairy of a Wimpy Kid based off the book. I also have to say I really enjoy reading your blog. It feels like my life rather often. :)

  • humel

    Ah yes, the whole not-sleeping-well-'cos-husband-is-away – I can relate to that! My kids tend to leave me to get my own breakfast though. (They're probably too busy re-reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid…)

  • Texasholly


  • leaking crazy

    marmaduke – i'm gonna start calling my kids that. they'll never know i'm dissin' them!

  • Creative Junkie

    I would love to try that chocolate sheet cake but it supposedly makes a ton and I can't have so much good stuff in my house lest I eat the entire thing myself. I wonder if I could make cupcakes with it and freeze them?

    **off to check out your camera strap!**

  • Comfy Mom

    It made a normal sized 13×9 cake, it just needed cooked longer. You can make cupcakes with it, I think she has times for cooking them on the site