Weekly Winners

Some from my 365 Project this week.

Mayhem was allowed to use the BB gun at long last.

I had to keep telling DH to BACK UP so I could get a shot without him in it. He was hovering so much I swear he was in danger of having his own eye shot out.


Sunset on the Equinox


Blue glass prayer beads


And my monthly self portrait


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16 comments to Weekly Winners

  • SarahInMI

    Love the blue glass beads. So vivid in color!!

  • Tara R.

    The sunset is gorgeous! I really like the lighting in this week's portrait… very dramatic.

  • LizzieMade

    Stacey, that self-portrait is lovely! something great to have when you are a little wrinkly old lady with white hair…
    Being an ordinary British person, I'm not very knowledgeable about guns. What is a BB gun? Also, it seems a bit odd to me, to let your little kid play with one. This is Not a judgement by the way – I am puzzled about it, as it seems to be something many US families do as a matter of course. Why is it something so ordinary to so many US families, that their children are allowed to learn to fire a gun?
    He looks so little, but so determined to hit that target! Glad your DH got out the way and didn't lose an eye lol!
    The blue glass beads are such a wonderful colour. I really love those rich, jewel-like colours.. they inspire me.

  • Rinda

    Love your self-portrait, and, oh what a day for your son!!!

  • Comfy Mom

    BBs are little round metal pellets. The gun uses hand pumped air pressure to fire it. Unless you are standing a couple inches from it, the most you will get is a sting should it hit you, but it can put your eye out should you get shot there. (there is a classic holiday movie called a Christmas Story about a boy who wanted a BB gun for Christmas & everyone kept telling him "No, you'll shoot your eye out." though he got it in the end) We live in the country and a large majority of people around here own rifles for hunting and keeping down the raccoon/possum/other ground dwelling mammal populations down. We own a few from back when DH and I did competition target shooting . DH has gotten back into it but I just don't have the time. Guns are prevalent enough around here that we teach gun safety from an early age. The BB gun is step 2, learning about how to hold it, where not to point it, how to aim, etc. Step 1 is "Don't Touch! Tell an Adult!" should they see a gun someplace. Which they learned starting about age 2.

  • domesticextraordinaire

    Love your self portrait!!

  • secretagentmama

    I love that you are doing monthly self portraits! & I love that first one. Way to go, Mayhem!

  • Jientje

    I LOVE the self portrait!

  • linneyshvede

    Love the self portrait. Visit me on Fridays for my Moments Of You self portrait link up. My web link will go right there. It was new last week, and would love for you to participate in this one or in the future!


    I really like your self portrait. =)

  • merrymishaps

    The beads are beautiful!

  • Kat

    Love the first one, he looks very determined. Adorable.

  • niseag03

    Those prayer beads are STUNNING!

  • SciFi Dad

    That is a great self-portrait.

  • TooManyHats

    Cool self- portrait. I often have to force myself to be in pictures, I'm the one taking them. I figure in 40 years my kids won't know what I look like unless I am in a few pics. YAY for the BB gun, he must have been soooooo very excited.

  • LizzieMade


    Thanks for your reply – very infomative and helpful. I can see that, in a country area, where there are a lot of problems with vermin, a gun might be essential at times. It does seem to make sense to teach gun safety from such an early age. I can see now, why you would give him a BB gun to use and teach him to handle it properly etc. My dad had an air pistol when I was little, but it lived in a cupboard and I dont think he had any pellets for it. We were forbidden to touch it.

    Of course, here in UK, there are country areas where guns are used for the same purpose – rats, rabbits etc. can do great damage to crops. I remember my step-father talking about going rabbit shooting, when we lived on a farm (my sister and I, being "townies", felt sorry for the "poor bunnies"!). I did learn to shoot a .22 rifle, when I was around 15 or so, at the shooting club at our local boys' school, but living mostly in towns, or a village, we haven't had much use for guns! I suppose our "gun training" for our son has amounted to "Guns can be dangerous and are not toys. You don't ever play with one, but tell a grown-up."

    It's interesting to learn how life is different, or similar, for people in other parts of the world. Even if we speak the same language (with its interesting variations!), we can all be so different because of our environments.

    All the Best,