Pain break

I’m not sure what caused it. The time I spend on the computer, the crocheting, the cross stitch, the gravel shoveling, the gym… Probably some of all of them.

My wrist and arm hurt. My hand is ok & my fingers but it hurts to move my wrist. Sometimes just turning a door knob is agony.

Carpel tunnel.

I’ve had it before, about 3 years ago and maybe 3-4 years before that as well. Not bad enough for surgery but for a brace and less time on the computer or crocheting or shoveling, etc. No bad enough for the good pain pills unfortunately. “Take some ibuprofen” 

Typing a little doesn’t hurt, so I expect my blog posts will be fewer and resemble twitter updates and be heavy on photos for a week or so while I give my carpels a rest and work out a more ergonomic seat/typing arrangement than I currently have.

I’m going to IKEA Thursday to find a dresser or two for the boys room & will be looking at desk chairs & things as well.

The doc thinks 7-10 days of taking it easy & more attention given to my ergonomics will fix the problem.

Here’s hoping.

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5 comments to Pain break

  • Cheri A.

    Pain sucks! Take it easy on yourself and feel better! I promise not to unsubscribe while you are healing. ;-)

  • SciFi Dad

    Definitely take it easy, and try and find something that supports your wrists more than they are right now. I've got a gel strip that's about one inch thick that runs the length of my keyboard that I find helps a lot. I've also got the matching mousepad (with the same gel rest).

    Good luck.

  • humel

    Poor you :-( Hope it's already improving (seeing as I'm behind in reading your blog…) Take care x

  • Creative Junkie

    OUCH. I hope the pain subsides super quick. Maybe a visit to IKEA will make you forget about it? It totally made me forget about my herniated discs!

  • TooManyHats

    Sorry to hear this. Take care.