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I haven’t done much sewing lately and I am fairly hopeless at following sewing patterns but Lizzy at Lizziemade posted this tutorial for making a sock rabbit last week and the idea has been floating around in my head ever since.

Mayhem has been on my case about a crochet dog he’s been wanting & I’m just not up for the time investment right now. A sock dog though could be managed.

Challenge #1 – Finding socks

I failed to notice where Lizzie said she used a baby sock and instead went to 3 different stores in search of women’s socks that would make a neat looking dog. Apparently women only want ankle length socks these days. Socks with cuffs, that don’t say “HANES” on the bottom, and are not all shamrocked are hard to come by. Which I already knew sort of because I like socks with cuffs that are not white and don’t have shamrocks (or Xmas trees or whatever cutesie seasonal decor) on them and you just can’t find them, except as the near hosiery style trouser socks. Plain cotton cuffed socks in something other than white. How hard can it be?

Impossible actually, in this area anyway.

I did end up finding black/grey striped knee highs in Target and some blue spotted knee highs also, so I bought them and used the stripes for the dog and am working on a spotted blue brachiosaurus now.

Challenge #2 – Turning this stuff into a sock with out injury to myself


I know what you are thinking. it’s just glue. How can you hurt yourself with glue?

I am someone who super glued my pants to my leg back in June.

Also, not pictured, scissors (the bane of my existence), pins, a needle and an iron.

Yes, AN IRON! Disaster looms!

Yet despite the dull scissors, the black thread on a black background of unraveling fabric, the pins holding it in place and the hot iron pressing a thin seam I did manage to make a fairly credible sock dog.

And I didn’t glue anything to myself.


I’m working on the dinosaur now. I didn’t take a photo because it’s rather obscene shaped at the moment

No sock porn on the blog

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11 comments to Needle & thread

  • Cheri

    How adorable!

  • Maria Ontiveros

    That's awesome! I consider myself the biggest non-sewer, but you're making me think I can attempt a sock dog – love the brachiasaurus idea, too.

  • ptooie

    very cool! I love it. The stripes give it character, definitely.

  • helena

    adorable sock dog. Looking forward to the sock dino – love your dedication to all things dino

  • Aleta

    Oh my gosh – just HOW CUTE IS THAT! You had me smiling with the blog post and the picture had me laughing – it's adorable!!!

  • Creatvie Junkie

    omg, that is freaking adorable! Your post had me laughing with a great visual of various tools being adhered all over your body but geez louise … you did an awesome job!

    and hey, a little sock porn never hurt anybody.

  • Lizzie

    Ooohh, that doggie is WONDERFUL! He's just sooo cuuute!

    How pleased I am, that I took the time to make my tutorial! You have produced such an amazing result. I love him to bits!
    And a spotty dino next? PLEASE post his picture too!

    The boys must be so pleased!
    Well done… and well done for not causing yourself any major injuries in the making process – see you can do it!

  • humel

    Oh, it's gorgeous! So cute :-) And congrats on not injuring yourself x

  • humel

    Oh, it's gorgeous! So cute :-) And congrats on not injuring yourself x

  • TheSpoilerGirl

    Glad you are using Disqus.. yay!!!!

  • Anonymous

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