Glory Hallelujah!

They have school today!!!!

For the first time in all of February!

Saturday there was a bio diesel spill near the high school & the emergency warning system said the area would be blocked off for clean up but I guess they got it all cleaned yesterday.

It might snow today but the chances of it are diminishing, so maybe there might be school TOMORROW as well!!!

Dare I even hope that there might a …a….FULL WEEK of school?!?! The first FULL WEEK of school in all of 2010 so far??

The make up days for the two weeks off are today, March 12 and June 9. Yes, they missed 10 days of school  and they only have to make up 3 of them. This is because days 1-2 were ‘built in’. Days 3-5 are what I have mentioned and days 6-10 are ‘banked days’. I don’t know what banked days are but apparently the school system has figured out a way to actually save time from one year to another.

The next time we miss school we lose a day of Spring break, then add another day to the end of the year, repeat.

And we will miss more school. Our county mostly misses school due to flooding, not snow. Over 5 feet of snow have fallen in the area. The ground was still saturated from the 2 feet in December. There is no place for this snow to go and if we should get 2-3 days in the upper 40s we are in trouble. Even if it melts slowly we are still in trouble. We had a big blizzard hit in Jan 1996. It dumped 2 feet of snow on the ground. In early April of that  year most of the bridges in the county washed away in extreme flooding, including major ones on the main road. Those major ones were rebuild at a significant height so they are probably fine but all the rest were rebuilt on the old spots. Half the county could be cut off. I’m ok where I live, but many of the area roads are next to streams & creeks and in low lying areas.

When the spring thaw hits the mountains it is going to be very problematic around here.

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3 comments to Glory Hallelujah!

  • Cheri

    Crossing my fingers that you get that full week in! My girls have been home since last Wednesday (Wed/Th were snow days with 21" falling, Friday in service day, Today – President's Day). I CAN'T WAIT for them to go back tomorrow. But there is a good chance they won't…we are slated for another
    8" tonight into tomorrow.

  • humel

    Hope you manage a full week! Gosh, I'm glad 'weather days' are so rare here…. Though we are enjoying our week off for half term now :-)

  • SciFi Dad

    Jeez. When I was a kid, I think we missed 1-2 days for weather related reasons. That's TOTAL, not per year. The rest of the lost time was for teacher's strikes.