Some random things

I take back what I have said about the uselessness of a crock pot & how I can never get anything to come out tasting like anything other than food that has been on a steam table too long.  I made a very delicious cranberry pot roast yesterday. Though it could have benefited from having the liquid cooked down into a more concentrated gravy before serving.

I have to go stand in line with all the other procrastinators in the area and pay my property taxes which are due today. They don’t accept Visa check/debit cards anymore on site. It is cash or check only. I don’t have a checkbook. I can’t remember the PIN number to the account with the tax money in it & it’s unconnected to the other accounts & I can’t transfer it over to an account with a PIN I can remember. So I have to wait until the bank opens & stand in line there first to get some cash.

Santa sent us some ornaments for our new tree. Elvin brought them this morning. More on that in another post.

We no longer have snow. We have large white crumbly chunks of ice.

I have 3 more gifts to buy for the boys, plus 2 gifts for friends’ kids (all 7 of the friends’ kids are getting puzzles this year. Usually it is books or games but it’s getting harder to keep track of who already has what.). I also have to get something for DH but I have no clue what to get him & he has not suggested anything. I sent him my Amazon Wish List because I am all helpful that way.

I need to make up a meal plan for the week but I am still so full from the pot roast I can’t even think about food.

I have one page completed for my Journal Your Christmas album. Today is day 7. I have only finished day 4.  I need to get a plan going on that today. I suppose I’ll have plenty of time while standing in lines this morning to think about it.

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9 comments to Some random things

  • Deana Birks

    I really think it should be called the Crock Pot Roaster. I always like pot roast from the crock but everything else I try comes out as overcooked gray mush.

  • 6p00d83453ea8d69e2

    I got a new one last week for my birthday and did our first meal in it yesterday! It was lovely, not overcooked grey mush at all! I'm really happy with my present and can't wait to try out some of the other recipes in the book. Pot roast is always great in a crock pot tho', especially lamb!!

  • Too Many Hats

    Cranberry pot roast sounds really good. Care to share the recipe? What is wrong with your county that they don't accept online payments with credit or debit cards??? Do they really want to be processing all the last minute folks in the office??? Good luck.

  • Kat

    I'm one of your fellow "Blogging for Scrapbookers" "students". :)

    I love my crock pot … is the recipe the one from "A year of crock potting" from yesterday? I earmarked that to make some time over the holidays. :)

  • glitterbygrammie

    I love my crock pot. Have had them for years. Actually it is hard to believe, but I have worn them out.

  • Cindy

    We love Elvin, thanks so much for posting about him.

    I actually got my base pages done for December Daily/Journal Your Christmas in advance this year, but then when I started to see people post about their completed pages on the first, and then the second, and so on, I had to admit to not really being mentally prepared for the reality of doing something every day. Last year, the first year I did anything, I didn't even have my materials until January, so this has been an adjustment. Thinking of calling mine "Stories of the Season, 2009" so I can still use the numbers in my album base but then be more flexible about the daily element. =]

  • humel

    Good luck with your plans :-) I'm starting to get a little anxious about the pages I haven't yet done! I have all the ideas and all the supplies, but not enough time – and the prompts keep relentlessly coming….

  • Aunt Becky

    Now I'm hungry. That is all.

  • Aunt Becky

    Now I'm hungry. That is all.