The Saturday Scan

Gert&LeoHickey&another couple

We think this is a wedding photo. The couple on the right are my grandparents Gertrude & Leo. The couple on the left are Helen & Richard. According to a wedding announcement in the paper those were the names of their attendants. It was a very small wedding on April 17, 1933. It was so small it was not common knowledge. Because it was the Depression, there was little money. Nan went back to live with her parents and Pap went back to live with his parents until they could afford a place of their own. That would take almost two years. They moved in together and formally announced their wedding 1935. The other couple also had married in that time.

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6 comments to The Saturday Scan

  • Maria Ontiveros

    I really like your weekly feature. I am embracing the idea more and more.
    I have been playing with the idea of making Sunday, "Layout Sunday", and now wondering if I should push it a step and go for "Heritage Sunday." Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Sian

    Ooh, I love the saturday scan! See you next week (if not before)

  • Lizzie

    Great old photo, with such an interesting story. That would make such a fascinating scrap layout.

    How difficult for your parents, to have to marry so quietly and live apart for two years before they could finally be together all the time. I am interested though, why they would marry under those circumstances, rather than just agree to a longer engagement and hope for better times to come soon.
    But maybe I'm just being dense – I suppose if it had been me, I'd probably have wanted to do the same. Being married is so much more than only being engaged…

  • Beverly

    I am really enjoying seeing your old photos and reading the stories that go with them. As for loving the smell of bacon, you should be at my house tomorrow, we are celebrating BACONFEST II …all dishes must include bacon LOL…such a healthy group we are.

  • Carrie/scrapchick

    Nice picture with an interesting story. Oh how hard to live without your new husband/wife! Thanks for sharing!

  • Too Many Hats

    I love old photos, so awesome you are scanning all yours in. What a very interesting story of the couple continuing to live with their respective parents.