Five for Friday

Five interconnected thoughts

1. If the county you live in has a freezing rain warning and the neighboring county doesn’t and you live a mile from the county line what are the odds there will be freezing rain near you? 

2. Did you know there was a historic storm pounding the mid Atlantic region? I didn’t and I live here. I just thought it was …winter finally arriving. Though admittedly the wind is sort of strong for November. Obviously I only ever glance at the weatherbug on my desktop for the forecast photo & high temp.

3. My special power is that I can find my way anywhere after I have been there once. Any city, any country, even if it has been 10 years, assuming the building still exists, I can find my way to it. Anywhere. Except for the city near where I live. I have lived here 14 years, been in that city once a month for 10 of those and once every couple of months the rest of the time. Yet I cannot find my way to the pedestrian mall. Ever. I always just sort of stumble upon it while driving up and down the streets muttering “It’s around here somewhere”. Then, when I pull out of the parking garage I can never find my way back to main road out of town without touring a few residential areas. I know there is a direct route because I have ridden with people who have taken it, but for the life of me I cannot ever remember it. The only place I can ever find is the Barnes & Noble shopping plaza and my favorite sushi bar. Most of the time though that is all I need.

4. My goodness used book store prices have gotten high! I usually buy off of so I am used to paying $3 for a hardback and $.75 for a paperback. (plus $2.50-3 in shipping) but the two at the pedestrian mall  wanted $10 for a hardback and $5 for a paperback and I can get the paperback new for $6! Of course does not have to pay Ye Olde Historic Towne Malle rents either…

5. I had another thought when I sat down here but as with many things, if I don’t make notes, it goes away. I’ve been trying to think backwards in the hope of connecting up to it, then I tried picking a point in the past and thinking forward, then I tried free associating. But all I can come up with is “books? …was is something else about books?…or reading? Something to do with paper I think…” I just know it will come to me in the middle of Body Pump a few hours from now & once again I won’t be able to write it down,

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12 comments to Five for Friday

  • scrappyjacky

    Sadly I think the odds are pretty high….that's life!!!!

  • Too Many Hats

    I so understand #5 – I have come to the conclusion I need to keep a pen and a small pad of paper with me at all times – I keep forgetting though, maybe tomorrow.

  • Cindy

    Ha! Noumber 5 is something we share. We are ion the storm too, something like 4 inches of rain over the last two days. Luckily we're on high ground.

  • Cindy

    And clearly I can not type to save my lif. =]

  • Sophia's Mom

    Random but interesting! Sorry it's been so long since I last visited. I have been sick!

    But I'm all better now :)

  • Maria Ontiveros

    My son is an ace at #3, and I love it!

  • Angela2932

    I think that's the same storm that's harassing my son, in Virgina Beach. It took away his hub cap. I think your special power is like the opposite of me; I could be in the same place hundreds of time and have no clue. You'd be the perfect navigator, but these days I'm loving having a GPS.

  • Veronica Lee

    I understand #5 well. At my age, my brain is like a sieve – it never retains anything.

  • helena

    I love that you kept number 5 on the list and didn't just change the heading to 4

  • Amy

    Stacey, thanks for the comments on my post about books – I love how we can all connect over reading! I love your style of writing … I plan to visit a whole lot more!

  • Karen

    Love #5. It happens to me so often. Lists have always been a part of my life, but they get more and more essential.

  • Karen

    Love #5. It happens to me so often. Lists have always been a part of my life, but they get more and more essential.