Which one will it be?

I’ve developed an odd habit lately that I find a bit disturbing.

I find myself thinking, whenever I meet a girl in Havoc’s class, “Is this my potential daughter in law?”

And I have no idea where this is coming from. What buried part of my psyche is trying to match up my first grader with a wife already? Why am I wondering this? Is it normal?

Partly I suspect it is the local culture getting to me. Around here there is a high likelihood you will marry your high school sweetheart or at the very least end up marrying someone you have known since kindergarten. So there is a decent possibility that the girl he shares reading class with or the girl in tae kwon do or the girl who joins the Star Wars battles on the playground will someday be the woman who complains to her friends about how her MIL never volunteers to babysit, oh she’s willing enough when asked but you’d think she volunteer to see her grandkids and then she lets the kids run all over the place so maybe it is for the best and is all passive aggressive saying she doesn’t have an opinion when she surely does have an opinion but expects everyone to guess it and gets all pissy whenever camping is mentioned as a family outing. She never comes camping, too ‘rough’ for her. Honestly that woman…

Or maybe we’ll get along great & be good friends because I’m not poking myself in their business. Who knows?

But lately every time I meet one of them I wonder if I am meeting my future daughter in law. Will 15 or so years from now Havoc be asking me for money so he can get a ring for this girl and I’ll be thinking “I remember meeting her when she was 6! Where has the time gone?”

Seriously.  I am NOT this person. I never speculate about things like that. I did not speculate who I would marry. I did not have my wedding planned by the age of 8. Hell, I didn’t even plan the wedding I actually had, I let my mom do it.

I don’t think this about the girls in Mayhem’s class. But Mayhem doesn’t like girls right now. They are all icky – except me.  Havoc doesn’t like or dislike girls, they are just there. But he tells me he expects to marry one of them someday. 

Could he just please pick one now so I can stop speculating?

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8 comments to Which one will it be?

  • SciFi Dad

    My wife and I went to elementary and high school 500km apart. We actually went to nearby universities (about 50km apart) but didn't meet until years later.

    My cousin, on the other hand, had to endure his mother telling a story at his wedding about her recollections of him chasing a girl (the one he would eventually marry) saying, "I love you! I want you to marry me!" while she replied, "But I just want to be your friend!" when the two of them were in Kindergarten together.

  • Too Many Hats

    That's hilarious! As I never wanted to get married and was suprised when I did, he just really grew on me :) I think I've never given it much thought. I am always amazed at friends who were childhood sweethearts though.

  • kyslp

    The parents around here encourage young children (2nd grade!) to "like each other" and "date". One of the moms that I know brought a veil and flowers to the playground so her daughter and a boy in her class could get "married". The moms were all passing the pictures around and oohing and aaahing. It skeeves me out!

  • Sassy Pie

    I do the same thing, and my son isn't even in preschool yet. However, I find myself shooting high and scouring celebrity babies for potential future baby mamas. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is currently the front-runner. She and my son would make adorable babies together. I also love Suri Cruise, but I'm not sure if I could deal with Tom Cruise at family dinners. Seriously. Besides, he might jump on my couch and break it or something. My furniture is nowhere near as durable as Oprah's.

  • Jack

    Sounds like a normal question. I often find myself thinking about stuff like that. Although more often than not I wonder what the kids will be like when they get older.

  • Creative Junkie

    I do this myself – with both my girls. My eldest just broke up with her first boyfriend and I caught myself feeling a little sad that they won't get married. I mean, for crying out loud – she's only 15. There's something wrong with me.

  • Stephanie Stearns Dulli

    I find myself thinking about the kind of MIL I want to be and Max is only ONE! I have a lot more patience with my MIL now that's for sure.
    I think it's totally normal and I'm quite certain I'll be sizing up the girls at Baby Gym for potential daughter in laws this week! :)

  • Aunt Becky

    Bwahahahaha! Dave and I grew up in different states, so this idea is totally foreign. BUT, I do live in my hometown, so it shouldn't be so out of line…