Controversial, Provocative, Thought provoking

These are not adjectives that can be applied to my blog.

Or even to me in general.

I’m just not that sort of person. I enjoy a lively discussion with opposing opinions or a good debate on issues. I hold firm opinions on hot topics, but while they are firm I can still see the other side has good and valid points.

And right there I lose all ability to take a strong stance on anything because I get what you are saying. I don’t agree with it or I find some other aspect of it more compelling, but I do see why you think that.

I have friends who have Very Strong Opinions Indeed about things like abortion, health care, war, food quality, homeschooling, term limits and Wal mart (on both sides of the issues). Listening to them is sort of like listening to a revivalist preacher only they have been Saved By Organics or Wal Mart as the case may be. They are fired up with zeal for the War on Terrorism or for legalizing gay marriage. It’s deep and intense and an almost holy light glows on their faces as they expound on the rightness of their side and the misbegotten wrongness of those poor benighted unbelievers, or as I call them, those who disagree, often including…um, me.

I sort of envy them the passion they have for their beliefs and their ability to expound so confidently on those beliefs. The certainty that they are right, not just for themselves but they are right for everybody. Everybody should see it the way they do, unless they are idiots who can’t think for themselves. 

I can’t manage that level of rightness. I’m sure I am right for me & mine, and I am fairly certain my belief would probably be best for everyone. But that is the best I can manage, just ‘fairly certain’. I am a realist and too cynical to have that kind of all encompassing surely of belief. Also, I believe people on the other side are every bit as intelligent & came to their conclusions after studying the issue, just like I did.  But since I am usually faced with people filled with the moral certainty of their convictions, which I cannot raise, I rarely say much.

Sometimes I’d like to be more firm & authoritative, to say “No, you are WRONG! This is how it is, how it has to be! How can you even think such a misguided thing?” but I just can’t, because usually, I do see how they think such a thing.

Apparently in my life, I irritate the heck out of some people by doing that, which I suppose is provocative enough for me.

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4 comments to Controversial, Provocative, Thought provoking

  • SciFi Dad

    Interesting post.

    I try to see both sides of any argument, but more so that I can understand the logic of person I am disagreeing with and therefore use that against them in the debate.

  • Creative Junkie

    This really hit with me … because I'm very similar and it was very obvious this morning when my neighbor decided to get political at the bus stop.

    I voiced my opinion but not nearly as strongly as she voiced hers.

    I think I'm pretty passionate about my beliefs, but have no idea how to convey that without seeming like I'm running over everybody elses.

  • Too Many Hats

    Wow, you summed me up. There are certain issues that I am suppossed to hold a particular opinion and passionately because of where I live, where I worship, or how I shop, but honestly while I may hold that opinion, I see no need to shove it down another's throat.

  • Stacey @ Tree, Root, and Twig

    Had to comment and let you know that I completely identify with you! This post explains me to a "t." :)