Trying to create, with hecklers

This post has been written by the voices in my head. If I don’t let them out every now & then they get cranky.

Voice #1: She’s been crocheting randomly again.

Voice #2: What is that thing?

Voice #3: It looks like a crocheted bowling pin


Voice #1: Would it kill her to stick with a pattern & not go off on her own?

Voice #2: That would make the results too predictable

Voice #3: I think she did stick to the pattern on this one.

Voice #1: Geez! There she goes again. Anthropomorphizing things


Voice #2: Someone needs to take the plastic eyes away from her.

Voice #3: The eyes add something.

Voice #1: Yeah, something creepy.


Voice #1: Oh look. She did a bunch of them in different sizes

Voice #2: Anthropomorphized mutant bowling pins.

Voice #3: The little one is cute

Voice #1: Does she think people will buy these things?

Voice #2: I don’t know, some people will buy anything.

Voice #3: With some little accessories she could probably get $5 for the small one as a Christmas tree ornament.

Voices #1 & #2 make contemptuous sounds

Voice #1: Oh no she didn’t!

Voice #2: Oh yes she did!

Voice #3: hahahahaha!



Voice #1:I cannot believe my eyes.

Voice #2: Anthropomorphized mutant bowling pins on a bad hair day!

Voice #3: I think they are adorable

Voices #1 & #2 : You are such a suck up!

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