The Saturday Scan

I have a ton, or at least a very huge pile, of old photos that need scanning.

And by old I mean old.


Like before 1900 old.

I have photos starting from somewhere in the early 1890s & running up through the early 1990s, with large concentrations of photos in 1930-45 and 1967-75.

Some of these photos have stories behind them, some of them I only know a little about and some of them are of people whose names I don’t even know but can guess.

I’m going to start posting some of them here on Saturdays & sharing what I do know about them. Maybe through the magic of the internet someone out there can tell me more.

These are the first:



This young girl is my great grandmother. Her name was Anna Klotz. That is her family in the first photo. Her parents are Balzer & Minnie. She had 6 brothers! I don’t know any of their names or what happened to them. I’m not sure if just her father was from Germany, or both her parents or if maybe it was her father’s parents who were from Germany. Someone in that photo has a German connection, but I have no information beyond that.

I don’t know when Anna was born, but a rough estimate based on my grandmother’s birth date & comments made by my mother, put these photos somewhere between 1893-1897, though possibly 5 years later.

Tune in next week for more distant ancestors.

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3 comments to The Saturday Scan

  • Stacey @ Tree, Root, and Twig

    I love that they're actually smiling! With so many pictures from this era you get the really stern, serious looks. (probably because they had to sit FOREVER to get the photo to "take")

    These are really neat pictures – thanks for sharing!

  • SciFi Dad

    That's cool. A few years back I bought a slide and negative scanner and did all my MIL's slides from the 1950s and 1960s and transferred them to DVD slideshows. Just recently, she was able to print some for a family reunion she was going to.

  • coffeejitters

    This is so awesome. I love going through old family photos. I just recently posted a photo from `1911 that includes my grandmother as an infant. so cool