Well that is over with

I suppose it is just as well that there was a confluence of doom rather than having the various doom occur consecutively.  Saves time.

The pole went down at 6:30pm Wednesday taking with it all outside forms of communication. We live in a fringy cell zone & have a cell signal enhancer on that pole along with our internet antenna, so the cell went out too.

Thursday morning the new HD arrived & the laptop was so hot I was shocked the keys weren’t melting & it was useless after about 11am. The plan was for DH to take the laptop in Friday & have the Clonezilla copy the existing HD onto the new HD.

But the guy that knows that software was at the dentist with an abscessed tooth, so DH had to wing it with occasional calls to that guy who was naturally whacked out on pain meds.

He is also the guy that drives the bucket truck & who we were going to pay to come out over the weekend to help put the pole back.

Five tries later, at 6pm, DH calls and says “It says it has 30 more minutes to go what do you want me to do? Wait it out or come home & we’ll check on it tomorrow.”

Since I assume the projected is doomed I say come home

There is not much on TV on Friday night. I did not know this.

Saturday we swing by the office, find the doomed project has in fact failed but the problem is identified and attempt 6 is made while we take Houndini to obedience class and get some lunch. We go back to the office to discover – Blessed Be! – the HD has copied!

But…the new HD doesn’t want to accept the copy.

Much wailing & gnashing of teeth ensues.

Then! For no reason anyone can ascertain, it starts copying & says it will take 3 hours to complete. A plan is made that DH will come back to the office in the evening, get the computer and drive the bucket truck home himself & the two of us can reset the pole Sunday afternoon.

The HD copies but won’t boot. DH drives the truck home but it dies a mile from the house & he has no phone. He gets the truck started again & limps into our yard. The laptop continues to refuse to boot.

There is even less on TV on Saturday night. I did not know this either.

Sunday morning attempts are made to use a recovery disc on the recalcitrant HD but to no avail. Eventually the LINUX based operating system UBANTU is loaded on my computer and it boots and then I can choose Windows XP and GLORY HALLULUIAH! there is everything on my hard drive, right where I left it!!!

Four hours later the pole is erect and tied down and we have reestablished communication with the outside world.

The one fly in the ointment here is the laptop problem. It’s still very very hot. I think there is a fan issue, which caused the last HD to overheat, leading to the ticking & other issues, which makes this new HD at best a temporary fix. I’ve ordered one of those cooling pads & have it sitting on one of our cookie racks now. But I’ve bought a few months time at least and have my list of what needs downloaded so I can get going on that.  I’m hoping it holds out until the new Windows platform is released & has been out a couple months. 

Tomorrow there will be photos from the top of the bucket truck because no visit from the bucket truck is complete without rides in the bucket for everyone.

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6 comments to Well that is over with

  • Creative Junkie

    omg, I feel for you. I really do. Computer problems are just the crappiest things.

    I hope you get it all fixed and nothing but you gets overheated in the process, because you can always jump in your pool. Then again, you could throw your computers in there too, but I wouldn't recommend it.

  • SciFi Dad

    When all is said and done that laptop deserves to be brought out back and put out of its misery, Office Space style.

  • Too Many Hats

    YAY for you!!! Yay that dh can do all that stuff and drive a bucket truck!!! Yay that you are back online!!! My fingers are crossed that you can nurse that laptop along until such time as a real fix can be decided upon.

  • Aunt Becky

    I second what Sci-Fi said.

  • Tess

    Computer problems send me up the wall and my husband wants to run and hide when the internet goes out because he knows what kindo mood it puts me in. lol

  • cakeburnette

    you really should just buy an Apple.