Glued my pants to my leg

The morning is not off to rousing start.

There were wailed of frustration and anger at 6:30am from Mayhem who was paying Lego Indiana Jones & was stuck somewhere. It developed into shouting between Havoc & Mayhem about what do to, where to go & just who was going to drop out if they don’t listen.

Cats were rubbing all over my face in bed. I am allergic to cats. Yes, we have 4 of them. As long as they are not rubbing on my face & I remember to wash my hands after petting them I am normally fine.

I am still breathing with allergy wheeze right now

The coffee pot clogged, sending grounds & hot coffee everywhere. It had to be remade.

I went to find the wood glue to fix Mayhem’s sword.  I couldn’t find it but I did find that the chest freezer in the utility room has been sitting open since god knows when, possibly since noon yesterday. It is nicely defrosted & all the meats still seem to be solid blocks, but the waffles thawed and the freeze pops too.  Havoc was the object of an angry lecture from me because he was last person in there – getting freeze pops. So he can no longer get them himself but must as & wait until an adult can get one for him.

I didn’t find the wood glue but did find some craft glue, one of those press down on the pad & the glue comes out on the pad types. I did not realize it was leaking when I opened it. It dripped on my pants. I glued the sword, put the lid on the glue, finished my coffee, stood up and realized my pants were firmly stuck to one spot on my leg.

After all this I am really not looking forward to my personal trainer session this afternoon. It just can’t go well.

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