Bucket truck photos

One of the fun things about having the bucket truck visit is everyone gets to go for a ride in the bucket with DH. He takes them about 35 feet up & they get to look out over the side. *insert standard safety precaution disclaimer about harnesses etc here*. 

I realize it looks like my 5 year old is alone in a bucket way up the air, but DH is actually kneeling in the bucket holding him up a bit so he can se over the edge. You can kinda see the top of his head behind Mayhem’s left elbow.


As you can see here

Havoc is tall enough to peek over the side himself


Then I went up and took some photos for a 360 view





The view is nice from up there, it’s like a ferris wheel ride sorta but I am flat out freaked by heights & ferris wheels so I don’t do it very often. 

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