Glued my pants to my leg

The morning is not off to rousing start.

There were wailed of frustration and anger at 6:30am from Mayhem who was paying Lego Indiana Jones & was stuck somewhere. It developed into shouting between Havoc & Mayhem about what do to, where to go & just who was going to drop out if they don’t […]

Weekly Winners – week 26

I had no internet last weekend so there are 2 weeks worth of photos today.

We had overcast days

and beautiful sunsets

It was nice enough to swim sometimes

The army men are closing in on my position

  I got […]

Bucket truck photos

One of the fun things about having the bucket truck visit is everyone gets to go for a ride in the bucket with DH. He takes them about 35 feet up & they get to look out over the side. *insert standard safety precaution disclaimer about harnesses etc here*. 

I realize it looks like […]

Well that is over with

I suppose it is just as well that there was a confluence of doom rather than having the various doom occur consecutively.  Saves time.

The pole went down at 6:30pm Wednesday taking with it all outside forms of communication. We live in a fringy cell zone & have a cell signal enhancer on that pole […]

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