Some layouts

I’ve been catching up on my scrapping recently, doing some challenges at SSD. These are my latest pages.   




Right now I am working on one from the festival I went to over the weekend. It happened to be on the 9th, which is the photo your day challenge at Sweet Shoppe. I’m not happy with how it is going so I may just scrap it & start over.  

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4 comments to Some layouts

  • Aunt Becky

    Awesome layouts!

  • Six Feet Under Blog

    I love layouts!

  • Too Many Hats

    They are all beautiful. I love the A for April one!

  • Dee

    This is awesome!! I love scrapbooking and you have some great backgrounds.

    Are you doing this online? if so, what program are you using?

    I’ll be interested in featuring you as a Mom blog on this if you would be at my blog site. I want to learn a bit more and maybe you have a few great tips?

    thanks for sharing!

    A Mom’s Journey