Pros & cons

On the plus side this weekend

DH & the boys got to go camping & swimming in the river with friends

I got to spend 24 hours alone

I set the pool up

I scrubbed the kitchen floor

I mowed the lawn

On the minus side

The a/c fan started making an ominous, expensive sounding, squeaking noise at 10pm on Friday night (because nothing requiring service ever breaks at 8am on a Tuesday)

My hands were raw & pretty much unusable yesterday. It hurt to just turn a door knob

The dog got out of her kennel while we were at dinner. Making the 4th time so far. She stays in the yard but we don’t know how she did it this time. First time she broke the gate latch. Second time she dug under the fence. Third time we found and area that we assumed she had scooted herself under (if dog ribs squish flat).We fixed all those. This time we have no clue. Gate still bungee corded shut, hole still filled in and pavered over. Area she went under blocked off with another paver. All pavers still in place.Our only remaining idea is that she got on her doghouse and jumped over the fence.

Not sure what to do about that at this point.

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