Weekly Winners – week 21

We’ve had a lot happening this week at our house

We picked up a dog from the animal shelter

We had a load of gravel delivered

I had to rake it out and level it

So I could then set up […]

Adjusting to the new member

We have a dog now. Her name is Athena. She is from the shelter. They think she is about a year old & a mix of Plott Hound, Greyhound and something else, probably Beagle or Retriever.

In other words, she is a dog. She’s about dog sized & looks like a dog. Or at least […]

Havoc’s journal entry

That’s the dog, in the back of DH’s truck, coming down our driveway.

Weekly Winners – week 20

I went to a bonfire & drumming circle last Sunday night & tried to take some photos. It was a very long exposure time. Next time I’ll remember a tripod

I need new gym shoes

Iris after the rain


For more Weekly […]

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