Windy Weather Woes

The Windy defeats me again!

At least it didn’t wreck my car this time, like it did last year, but look at my internet receiver

It’s not supposed to be on the ground!!!

The winds were gusting so strongly Wednesday evening that they bent the pole so much it pulled the guy wires out of the ground and toppled over.

See that 30 degree bend in the pole? This pole is not going back up. It has to be replaced. Which means my receiver will remain on the ground for awhile.

Rumors of a bucket truck coming to my house Saturday have been mooted but it’s supposed to rain tomorrow and you can’t erect metal poles in the rain. (not that we haven’t but this would be people under company insurance doing it so it won’t happen)

I’m used to the weather playing merry hell with my internet. The ISP has equipment hanging on towers all over the place and sometimes they get hit with freak lightening strikes or power outages or the wind knocks things askew and someone goes out & repairs things. Normally about an hour or so later the internet is back. I just leave my Outlook open and go about my business and every so often I check to see if I have new mail. If it says ‘delivery failure’ iIknow the internet is still down, if it doesn’t then I am back up. But this time it’s just me, not lots of people, so there is no big rush. I’m having a hard time remembering that the receiver is on the ground & even if it could get signal the cable snapped when it toppled over so there is no way for any signal to get to me.

I still keep compulsively checking my Outlook every couple of hours, hoping the broadband fairies have come.

I’ve had lots of time to play in Lightroom with no internet. I was going for a ‘grim’ look with those photos because I’m feeling pretty grim about my internet.

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4 comments to Windy Weather Woes

  • Too Many Hats

    Yikes, I hope it gets taken care of quickly. I so understand being without internet – down for a month due to changing isps, thankfully we ended up piggy-backing on our neighbor’s connection after a couple of weeks. Fingers-crossed for you.

  • Helene

    Ugh, sounds like one heck of a wind storm!! Definitely sounds like it was Friday the 13th in your neck in the woods. I hope you’re able to get your internet back very soon!

  • justusseven

    Love your blog!