Tuesday’s Tribute-for love of my library


When I became a SAHM 6 years ago, we gave up over a third of our income. That meant cutting out lots of little things that we used to buy without thought. The biggest expense in this category was books. I had a 2 book a day habit before I had kids. UPS regularly brought boxes from Amazon to my house. I drove an hour or more to go to a Borders or Barnes & Noble. I knew the owner of the local used book store very well. And it all had to stop.

This wasn’t that big of deal for the first 2 years. I had 2 kids 15 months apart. The first one didn’t understand the word ‘sleep’ no matter what language I said it in and while the second one did sleep, the first one had to be constantly prevented from waking him up. So there wasn’t much time to read or even think about books.

Things eventually slowed down and I thought to myself a new book might be nice but $24 for the latest by one of my favorite authors seemed a bit much. Then one day as I came out of Safeway I noticed that building at the other end of the shopping plaza. wait a minute! That’s a….a… whadya call ‘em…book lending thing…LIBRARY! That is is a library!  They will GIVE me books!

Oh and they have demon watching classes, um… Toddler Story Time, as well! I can browse for 30 minutes in peace!

I have been a regular visitor there for the past 4 years. Rarely does a week go by that I do not stop in, drop off some books and leave with new ones. I read books I never would have if I had had to buy them.  I love having the freedom to pick up whatever catches my fancy and not feel I’ve lost anything if I hate it. I’ve found so many new books that I like because of that, books I never would have read if I had to buy them. They even order books for me, through inter-library loan or buying them outright.

The boys have attended drop in story times off & on until this year when school finally intervened. I think we have read every dinosaur book in the juvenile section. The boys come out with stacks of books and videos. The library has a nice selection of kid TV & movie videos and they are free!

I love our library. My life would be emptier without it.


Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

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8 comments to Tuesday’s Tribute-for love of my library

  • Eve

    I have a huge book habit also, trouble is living in a country where the language isn’t your mother tongue means there isn’t so many books you can read at the library. Alas Amazon does deliver here, thankfully! LOL

  • Deb

    this is a great tribute. you are right, libraries are awesome. but i also think using them is a learned habit that takes time and commitment! you have to be pretty dang resolute to put your name on a waiting list, when the book is out there, in stores, flaunting itself!

  • Too Many Hats

    Libraries are the coolest things! I can do without alot of gov’t programs, but libraries are a keeper for sure :)

  • KatieZ

    Libraries must be a SAHM thing! Cuz I collect books like they are going out of style! All kinds by all kinds of authors! So you are not alone. I’m sure tho, that my hubby would be much happier if we had the empty space that getting rid of my books would provide! LOL!

  • The Frugal Angel-Guided Psychic

    I love your tribute! I’m not a reader but love all the programs and projects they offer to kids and adults. We use ours for the movies more than anything else :)

    Super Post!

  • Jennifer W. (Simple Scrapper)

    I really needed this kick in the pants to get out there and actually spend some time reading things not on the computer. Thanks for reminding me of that place.

  • Jay @halftime lessons

    Oh yeah…and have you been to the Barnes and Noble Library? What a great way to kill a night…grab a coffee, trick someone out of the comfy chair by pulling the fire alarm, and get into a book…for free.
    Whatever you do, though, dont buy the book…rookie mistake.

    Great Tuesday’s Tribute! Hope to see you again next week!


  • Creative Junkie

    I am so with you on this one.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the library.


    I just love books, in general. Whether it's the library or B&N, a perfect day for me would be to sit in either place all day, in peace and quiet, and simply read.